Up to -50% on the powerful Facebook portal


Last year, Facebook announced the new version of its portal, whose connected speaker specializes in video calls. With the arrival of a second detention, it can be difficult to keep in touch with loved ones. Fortunately, Portal’s 8, 10, and 15.6-inch models offer solutions. These screens are very popular until December 31st.

The Facebook portal is an intelligent solution for quick and easy communication with your family, friends or colleagues and is compatible with WhatsApp and Messenger applications. This connected screen is accessible to everyone and fully equipped so you have everything at your fingertips. Screen, camera, microphone, everything is integrated to make your work easier. All you have to do is turn it on, connect it to the internet, and have your calls quietly.

Compatible with Amazon Alexa, it will delight technophiles who can even discover a multitude of compatible applications. Spotify, France TV and even some games, a tablet that’s as fun as it is practical. To reassure the elderly and young, know that the microphone and camera can be deactivated in a snap. A simple solution to keep your privacy private at all times.

The 8 “Facebook portal

With its 8-inch screen, this version is the smallest in the range. Equipped with Smart Camera and Smart Sound functions, the Facebook portal can automatically track and enlarge your faces during your video calls. An optimal way to talk to your loved ones and your co-workers while you take care of your hands. A godsend for those who want to share their daily life and optimize their time at the same time. Cooking while sharing your recipes is possible and particularly optimal on the Facebook portal. The Alexa voice assistant is integrated so that you only have to raise your voice to operate your tablet.

The Facebook Portal 8 “receives a 46% discount at the beginning of the holiday season at a list price of € 79.99 instead of € 149.99.

The 10 “Facebook portal

A slightly larger version of the 8 “Facebook portal, the 10” Facebook portal has the same functionality as its little sister, but also some new functions. Thus, the functions Smart Camera and Smart Sound are available, but they have been expanded with a new feature: the possibility of calling up to 3 people at the same time under your contacts. A godsend for those looking to take part in group video calling. The icing on the cake, the “Tell me a story” function is available and offers you the opportunity to tell children stories in a simple way, especially thanks to the use of filters in augmented reality.

The Facebook Portal 10 “receives a 25% discount with a list price of € 149.99 instead of € 199.99.

The 15.6 “Facebook portal

You will understand that the Facebook portal is also available in a 15.6-inch version. The premium model in the series, the 15.6-inch Facebook portal, benefits from the same functions as its sisters and thus stands out. also its share of novelties. In addition to its size, the 15.6-inch Facebook portal will mainly rotate. It is now impossible to get out of the frame as the screen follows you as you move. The Smart Sound and Smart Camera functions are still available. Part that is supported here by the Superframe mode that allows you to view your photos from Facebook, Instagram, or straight from your phone. Note that the audio will be enhanced with a 4-inch speaker and height speakers. 2 inches.

The 15.6 “Facebook portal offers a 16% discount at a list price of € 249.99 instead of € 299.99.

The Facebook portal TV

As the name suggests, Facebook Portal TV brings the Facebook Portal experience straight to your TV. This allows you to make video calls right from your TV. You no longer need to move from your sofa while keeping your head straight at a certain distance from your screen. Smart camera, smart sound, tell me a story, Superframe, Amazon Alexa, all functions of the previous mobile Facebook portal have been integrated. What’s new is that thanks to the “Watch Together” feature, you can view Facebook Watch content during a video call.

The Facebook Portal TV benefits from an 11% discount at a displayed price of € 149.99 instead of € 169.99.

For yourself or as a gift, the Facebook portal is available in different versions to meet all profiles. With the Facebook portal series, from the color to the size of the screen to the presence on TV, thanks to Portal TV you can easily and easily stay in touch with your family and friends.