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Unpopular Opinion: Hell’s Kitchen’s Catarina is the contestant who can’t walk

Unpopular Opinion: Hell’s Kitchen’s Catarina is the contestant who can’t walk

When we’re on a reality show and the audience is the goal, Stanisic only has one route to success.

The ticket arrives in the kitchen and Mathieu whispers the order with a visibly confused expression: salad and ceviche come out. Carlos responds in his usual ventriloquism mode. At minimum volume comes a “Yes”. Nobody notices because the lips don’t move. On the blues side, Gonçalo motivates the team in his usual monotony. Patricia nods. The boss shouts, nobody answers.

None of that happened, but it could be the scenario that’s awaiting us from Hell’s Kitchen for the past few weeks: a pair of silent, boring, boring, and boring kitchens. It’s just that even Stanisic doesn’t seem able to shake up the dead and lifeless bodies roaming the kitchen with any cooking technique whatsoever.

Hell’s Kitchen, as we’ve seen more than once, lacks everything a true competition needs. And if it’s not a competition, it’s pure entertainment, a reality show. Combining the two is pointless, especially when there is no competitor able to combine the absolutely necessary elements for each of the formats: having culinary art and enlivening the environment.

Having decided that the program’s genre is there, it’s not worth disguising it: while voted by many to be the next head to roll, Catarina is, for better or for worse, the spice that “Hell’s Kitchen.” ” needs. The Imperial ability to pull out of the bag a joking comment addressed to one of his colleagues without being offended but with enormous potential to make people laugh, irritate and cheer up what is only a yawn between the pots would be.

The rivalry between Catarina, Vanessa and Olga, whether you like it or not, has been the common thread running through all the services since the beginning of the program. It’s an absolutely necessary comic relief.

She’s one of the few contestants who doesn’t take herself too seriously: neither herself nor Stanisic’s outmoded sermons and jokes. Even his clumsiness gets comical – despite being a master at the art of eye-rolling.

Before the People’s Court, there seems to be agreement that Catarina will be the next to take off her coat. And that’s sad news that will doom Hell’s Kitchen to a long and arduous crossing for the next five weeks. The only hope? May Stanisic recognize and cherish the treasure in his hands. If you need to break the rules of the competition and make illogical decisions, you can do it. It wouldn’t even be a novelty.

You may not have noticed, but more exciting than knowing if Gonçalo will fulfill his destiny is watching Vanessa and Catarina collide under a broken plate of ravioli. Chef, here’s a tip: if the audience is the goal, bring Catarina back to the original team. Then all you have to do is sit back and let the circus burn.


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