Union of values ​​for CDU candidates – also with AfD votes | free press


Cologne (dpa) – The ultra-conservative values ​​union calls for a CDU candidate for the office of prime minister in Thuringia.

You must be elected by all democratically legitimized members of the state parliament – including the AfD, said new chairman Max Otte of the German news agency. “If I’m elected, I don’t care who chooses me,” Otte said. “That’s how I understand democracy.”

Thuringian CDU is outraged

The Thuringian CDU rejected his request and was outraged. “The AfD is largely right-wing extremist in Thuringia and squinting at its votes – anywhere – is absolutely out of the question,” Secretary-General Christian Herrgott made clear.

A civilian prime minister would correspond to the majority in the Thuringian state parliament, Otte said. “It would be good if the CDU drafts its own candidate for a constructive vote of no confidence.” You would be dependent on the AfD, but still have a CDU prime minister.

Otte said he insisted that the Union of Values ​​was not working with the AfD or the left. But: “In a democratically legitimized parliament you can still be elected by any member of parliament. The election of a CDU prime minister, also with AfD votes, is a thoroughly democratic process.”

No one can force the newly elected prime minister into a coalition with an unloved party. “The new minority government would be a CDU minority government. It would be up to you to immediately organize new elections.”

“No advice from this fringe micro-association”

The general secretary of the CDU of Thuringia said that the Union of Values ​​in Germany did not even have half as many members as the CDU in Thuringia alone. “Our party does not need advice from this marginalized micro-association.” Otte has not yet appeared in Thuringia either.

The Thuringian state parliament on Friday passed a vote of no confidence pushed by the AfD parliamentary group against Prime Minister Bodo Ramelow (left). The parliamentary groups of the Left, SPD, Greens and FDP unanimously voted no. As announced, the CDU MPs remained in place and did not vote – which had already brought them a lot of criticism.

Otte criticized the behavior of the CDU faction in Thuringia. “They were elected to vote and not to check each other,” said the economist. “The CDU MPs refuse to work.”

The Union of Values, which it claims has about 4,000 members, sees itself as a representative of the conservative movement in the Union, but is not an official party branch. The CDU has a total of about 400,000 members, the CSU about 140,000.