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Union leaders call for a dedicated fight for the Chancellery | free press

Berlin (dpa) – With a declaration of war on the SPD and the Greens and the warning of a shift to the left in Germany, the CDU and CSU have entered the hot phase of the federal election campaign.

“It doesn’t matter how these elections end,” Chancellor Armin Laschet said in Berlin on Saturday. “We will fight, I will fight, with everything I can, so that this country is not taken over by ideologues.” The Union does not want to govern because it wants to, “but because we must govern so that Germany is on the right track”. CSU President Markus Söder called on the Union to “finally conduct a sensible election campaign”.

In view of the weekly worsening polls for the Union, the Bavarian Prime Minister emphasized: “Nothing is lost. There is no reason to complain.” But it will be very tight on September 26. “Everyone needs to understand today that it is really about everything. He does not want a left alliance or traffic lights for Germany. Nor does the SPD with its candidate for Chancellor Olaf Scholz Neither the Greens with Annalena Baerbock were able to provide clear leadership, CSU leader of the regional group Alexander Dobrindt stressed that it was worth fighting for every vote “and that in the end the union parties win and not the left-wing chaos”.

The event in Berlin’s Tempodrom celebrated Chancellor Angela Merkel, who is no longer running in federal elections. She recalled that it was the first election since 1949 in which the incumbent head of government did not stand for re-election. “So that means the cards are reshuffled.” In 72 years of the Federal Republic of Germany, the CDU and CSU are said to have appointed the chancellor for more than 50 years. “This is an opportunity and an incentive to advertise that more than 50 years after this legislature will be followed by more such years.”

Merkel was behind Laschet. She has known him since his time in the Bundestag (1994 to 1998). “Over the years I have seen Armin Laschet as a person and a politician for whom the ‘C’ in our party’s name is not just a letter, but rather the compass in everything he has done.” It has always been important for Laschet to focus on people with their inviolable dignity and to build bridges between people. Addressing Laschet directly, she said, “Dear Armin, I know this is exactly what guides and shapes your actions.” That goes for the chancellor candidate and, she is deeply convinced of that, also for Laschet as chancellor, Merkel added to the applause of the supporters.

In his speech, Laschet emphasized foreign and security policy – based on the dramatic situation in Afghanistan. He called for “more Europe” in this area, but also for more German efforts. The NATO-agreed target of 2% for defense spending must be met. The CDU/CSU candidate for chancellor accused the SPD and the Greens of wanting to say goodbye. “We must make our contribution to Germany’s security in this unstable world,” Laschet demanded. “We expect every potential coalition partner to have a clear orientation on our country’s foreign and security policy.”

Laschet accused the SPD of abolishing the split of spouses and of wanting to burden families with it. But it’s about relief. Even the ‘plant’ of economic recovery must not be destroyed by higher taxes. Climate policy must be socially acceptable, Germany must remain an industrialized country, albeit climate neutral. The CDU chairman announced that he would speed up planning and approval procedures when moving to the chancellery in the first 100 days.

CDU Secretary General Paul Ziemiak described a federal government led by the Union as “a guarantee of a central policy, for stability”. He emphasized: “This Bundestag election is not just a play of colors, this Bundestag election is a guiding decision.” CSU Secretary General Markus Blume sharply attacked the SPD candidate, Federal Treasury Secretary Scholz, over the Wirecard and Cum-Ex scandal. This is “not the man of the common people, rather it is the comrade of the bosses”. The Greens remained a «party of prohibitions».


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