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Union in the Bundestag rejects Heils Hartz IV | plans Free press

Minister of Labor Hubertus Heil wants to permanently facilitate access to basic security. The coalition partner blocks itself. There has also been criticism from the FDP.

Berlin (dpa) – A reform of the Hartz IV system proposed by Federal Labor Minister Hubertus Heil is rejected by the CDU and CSU parliamentary faction in the Bundestag.

“Should the situation require that corona-related special regulations be expanded, we as the Union are ready to talk,” said Peter Weiß, the Union’s labor market and social policy spokesman, Peter Weiß, on Sunday. at the German news agency in Berlin. “However, we remain committed to the principle of” support and demand “and also reject any extension of these special regulations.

The FDP in the Bundestag also rejected the proposal. “Lifting sanctions and increasing benefits are introducing unconditional basic income through the back door,” said Social Policy Group spokesperson Pascal Kober.

A bill from SPD Minister Heil that was announced on Saturday stipulates that access to basic security in the Corona crisis must be facilitated on a permanent basis. During the crisis, the employment office investigation into housing and property was suspended – namely how big the apartment is and whether they have savings of up to 60,000 euros. According to the design, assets should be protected to the specified amount over a two-year waiting period and rental costs should not be checked for their appropriateness – in other words you should be able to get Hartz IV even if you have a larger apartment and $ 60,000 and do not have to worry that something will be taken into account.

Weiß emphasized: “A stealthy introduction of an unconditional basic income is not possible with us. Because this devalues ​​work and placement at work is largely less attractive. “The Unconditional Basic Income model ensures that every citizen receives state aid. This is not foreseen in the cure design. such basic income would go.

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