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Union candidate question turns into political crime thriller | Free press

Berlin (dpa) – In the decisive phase of the power struggle for the Union’s candidacy for chancellor, several CDU top politicians were clearly behind CDU boss Armin Laschet.

The Prime Minister of Hesse, Volker Bouffier, told Hessischer Rundfunk: “It is absolutely clear that the great CDU – Markus (Söder) has always said that – has the first right of access. And that’s exactly what we did. Schleswig-Holstein’s Prime Minister Daniel Günther asked Söder to withdraw. .

Bouffier said CSU boss Söder himself stated on Sunday that the CDU must now decide how it thinks it is right. We did that. “The CDU created an opinion and deliberately didn’t make a decision,” because we didn’t want to see the CSU with a finished result. Instead, we expressed our opinion as it wanted it to be. And now you have to make a joint decision about it. When asked if he wholeheartedly supported Laschet’s candidacy, Bouffier said: “Yes. Why not?”

The Hessian head of government further emphasized: “We did not sleep when we decided unanimously. And you really have to respect that. “It’s not like we’re making such a groundbreaking decision on the side. We’ve already thought of something like others.” It was a serious decision. Prime Minister Laschet of NRW used a performance about corona policy in the state parliament in Düsseldorf on Thursday to distinguish himself from Söder’s vaccination policy.

Günther said to the “Spiegel”: “The presidium and the federal executive committee of the CDU with all national associations and associations spoke out clearly for Armin Laschet last Monday.” Söder had previously made it clear that in this case he would support the CDU boss’s candidacy without resentment. “I have no doubt that the word of a CSU chairman and Bavarian prime minister applies. But it is slowly time to deliver on this clear promise. In view of Laschet, Günter emphasized: “It is time we started the election campaign with him at the top.”

The Schleswig-Holstein CDU boss insisted on a quick clarification. “There should be a final discussion between the two party leaders by the end of the week,” said Günther. “The CDU naturally respects that the elected board of the party decides for the CSU.” Conversely, he expects the CSU boss to “respect the decisions of the CDU leadership chosen by the base.” An “anxious look at current research values” is not sufficient for a decision of this importance. “Armin Laschet has the full confidence of the CDU and a lot of sympathy, also in the CSU”, emphasized Günther.

Laschet and Söder had announced that they would announce a decision on the candidacy for chancellor this week. Initially, there was no information on an exact date or format in which to make such a decision.

Haseloff spoke out in the Spiegel for determining the candidate based on popularity values. “Unfortunately, now it’s all about the tricky power question: who do we have the best chances with?” He continued, “It’s not about personal sympathy, confidence or character traits. It does not help if, according to the general opinion, someone is absolutely capable of becoming a chancellor, but does not achieve this office because the voters will not allow him to do so. ‘

While Söder refers to the current polls, which are very positive for him, Laschet repeatedly emphasizes in the K-question dispute that polls can change very quickly. The CDU presidium had spoken out in favor of Laschet on Monday.

NRW State Secretary for Integration Serap Güler (CDU) was “stunned” by Haseloff’s statements. “What is it then, if not about confidence and personal character traits,” she told the editorial network Germany (RND). “I entered politics because of my values ​​and my attitude and not because of the polls.” It’s about credibility and straightforwardness. They do not associate populism with a Christian view of mankind. Haseloff threw that overboard with his statements.

The chairman of the Junge Union, Tilman Kuban (CDU), called on Laschet and Söder to reach an agreement on Saturday. Both should “finally understand their responsibility to the Union. If the self-tearing continues like the past few days, they will work together to ensure that not much of the CDU and CSU remains in the future, ”he told the newspaper“ Bild ”. Kuban added, “If they force us, in case of doubt, we are willing to take responsibility as a joint youth organization of the CDU and CSU and position ourselves.”

Laschet spoke out in a special session of the NRW state parliament against other states doing only with the Russian vaccine Sputnik V. “I say no. Because we have clear procedures and clear rules,” he told the opposition of the SPD Particularly at this stage, it is important not to make headlines, but to stick to the procedures Söder had announced that the Free State would secure millions of doses of the drug ahead of a possible EU approval of the Russian vaccine.

Support for Laschet also came from CDU Vice Julia Klöckner. “We have two successful prime ministers to choose from. Both can and both want to, ”she told the Süddeutsche Zeitung. She calls on both to come to an agreement as soon as possible. “Armin Laschet has great integrative strength and the ability to balance things out. I support our Federal Chairman.”

Christoph Ploß, the regional head of the CDU in Hamburg, spoke out in the “Spiegel” for a decision on the K question in the parliamentary group, if necessary, if Laschet and Söder would not agree on the candidacy for chancellor by the weekend. The chairman of the NRW regional group in the Bundestag, Günter Krings, warns against leaving the casting vote to the MPs: the nomination of the candidate and the formulation of the electoral program are clearly a matter for the parties, not the Bundestag faction.


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