With the Reborn Apple Airpods Pro earphones (refurbished and class A +) nothing stands in the way of your enjoyment while listening to your playlist. These headphones benefit from the most effective active noise cancellation technology. In addition, you can use them for hours as they are designed to be as comfortable as possible for you to wear.

Apple Airpods Pro: exceptional sound quality and battery life

When you take these headphones out of their cases, you can start using them right away. They instantly connect to your iPhone or Apple Watch. Before wearing, you can choose between the supplied conical tips, which are available in 3 sizes. These have been specially developed to ensure optimal user comfort. They easily conform to the shape of your ears and let your AirPods Pro stay in place. Above all, they guarantee you exceptional sound insulation.

Note that these Reborn Apple Airpods Pro headphones give you a transparency mode if you want to hear what is going on around you while listening to your songs or talking on the phone. Thanks to her, you will perfectly hear the various ambient sounds. The inside and outside microphones of these headphones cancel out the sound-absorbing effect of the tips. When people talk to you, you can hear them without taking off their headphones.

So that you can enjoy flawless sound, the Reborn Apple Airpods Pro headphones have been equipped with exclusive speakers. Thanks to them, you are entitled to powerful bass. In addition, with these Airpods, you can count on a high dynamic range amplifier to enjoy powerful and balanced sound. This amplifier consumes very little power and even helps to extend the autonomy of these headphones.

Note that the Airpods Pro use Apple’s famous H1 chip. So with them you won’t have any audio latency problem. They’re also equipped with a sensitive pressure sensor so you can easily control your music and calls. This sensor also allows you to quickly switch from active noise reduction mode to transparency mode and vice versa. These headphones are currently available for 199 euros instead of 249 euros. Don’t miss the opportunity to offer them to yourself at a lower price.

By the way, the Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite 6.55 “128 GB Double SIM is also available at -9%.

3 reasons to buy these Airpods Pro?

The high quality sound they give you with their silicone tips has been developed to give you optimal ease of use Active noise cancellation and transparency modes

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