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Tel Aviv / Gaza / New York (dpa) – Following the ceasefire in the Gaza conflict, the UN Security Council called for rapid humanitarian aid to the civilian population in the Gaza Strip.

In a statement on Saturday, he also stressed the urgency to achieve lasting peace in the region – aiming for “two democratic states”, Israel and Palestine, to coexist peacefully. US President Joe Biden and the European Union are also pushing for such a solution.

An armistice came into effect on Friday evening. Israel and the Islamist Hamas ruling the Gaza Strip agreed after an 11-day exchange of blows brokered by Egypt.

Israel is, however, concerned that aid supplies in the blocked coastlines could be misused to rearm Hamas, as was the case after the last Gaza war in 2014. Israeli ministers reaffirmed that Israel will react much more severely to any attack from the UK in the future. Palestinian Territory. Finance Minister Israel Katz said on Sunday, “Any attack on the south must involve targeted killings of Hamas leaders and fires at Hamas targets.” Jihia al-Sinwar, Hamas chief in the Gaza Strip, will “pay his head” for any attack.

Palestinian militants fired more than 4,360 missiles at Israel during the armed forces, according to the Israeli military. 680 of them hit the Gaza Strip itself. 13 people were killed in the attacks in Israel. The Israeli army fired at more than 1,500 targets in the coastal strip. According to Gaza’s Ministry of Health, 248 Palestinians were killed, more than a quarter of whom were minors. The Israeli army, on the other hand, speaks of more than 200 Palestinian militants killed in the Gaza Strip.

Hamas-controlled civilian government agencies in the coastal strip resumed their work on Sunday. The Israeli attacks targeted Hamas’s military infrastructure, but also caused massive damage to residential and high-rise buildings, health facilities and other public buildings. The daily life of the more than two million residents of the Gaza Strip came to a halt. The bombings spread fear and terror among civilians.

At a rally in Tel Aviv on Saturday evening, several thousand protesters called for a peaceful solution to the decades-old conflict with the Palestinians. “This is the home of all of us” and “Equal rights for all citizens” read signs held up by protesters.

Thousands of people took part in pro-Palestinian demonstrations in numerous cities around the world on Saturday, including Berlin, London and Paris. The protesters put up posters calling, among other things, for “Freedom for Palestine”. In recent days, serious anti-Semitic attacks have taken place on the sidelines of such rallies in New York and Los Angeles.

According to the anti-Semitism officer of the Berlin police, Wolfram Pemp, hatred for Jews has long been hugely underestimated. Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) warned in her weekly video message: “Anyone who puts hatred on the streets of Jews, who makes inflammatory insults, is outside our basic law.” The Chancellor spoke of “excruciating anti-Semitic comments on some of the demonstrations in recent days”. She called for tangible consequences for the perpetrators.

After a three-week ban on entry, the Temple Mount in Jerusalem was reopened to Jewish visitors on Sunday. The holy site was closed to Jews during the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan due to serious clashes between Palestinians and Israeli security forces. The clashes are considered one of the triggers for the recent Gaza conflict. It started on May 10 when Hamas members fired rockets at Jerusalem.

Friday, after the ceasefire on the Temple Mount, there were new clashes between Palestinians and Israeli security forces. Israeli police said 33 Palestinians involved in the riots in East Jerusalem were arrested on Sunday evening. Several arrests were made on Saturday.

The Temple Mount (Al-Haram al-Sharif) with the Dome of the Rock and Al-Aksa Mosque is the third holiest site in Islam. But it is also sacred to Jews because there used to be two Jewish temples.

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