UN calls for more protection for civilians in Afghanistan | free press


The withdrawal of international troops from Afghanistan is not without consequences. Citizens fear for their lives. The United Nations fears “catastrophic” consequences.

Kabul (dpa) – The United Nations has called on warring parties in Afghanistan to better protect civilians.

The ground offensive by the militant Islamist Taliban and airstrikes by the Afghan air force are currently causing the greatest damage, the UN mission in Afghanistan (Unama) reported on Twitter on Tuesday. If the parties did not do more for civil defense, it threatened with “catastrophic” consequences.

Battles are moving to the cities

Since the beginning of the withdrawal of US and NATO forces, the Taliban have launched several offensives and made significant territorial gains, especially in rural areas. The battle is currently shifting more and more to the cities. There is heavy fighting in Herat in the west and in Kandahar and Laschkargah in the south.

A representative from the provincial hospital in Herat said 24 people were killed and nearly 200 injured, including security forces, within six days. A local official said 28 civilians were killed and 191 injured in Kandahar within ten days. According to a hospital in Laschkargah, 14 people were killed and 64 injured in four days.

Record number of injuries and deaths in May and June

The UN documented record levels of civilians injured and killed in May and June and warned that 2021 could be the year with the highest number of civilian casualties.

A former US military translator has been killed in the eastern city of Jalalabad. The man, who last advised the Nangarhar provincial council on legal issues, was shot dead by two strangers outside his home on Monday, local officials said.

According to well-connected journalist Bilal Sarwari, the father of four tried to move to the United States. The US is currently detaining tens of thousands of former employees of the US military and other US institutions with their families over concerns over retaliation by the Taliban.