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Ulm arson: Turkey does not extradite suspects | free press

A man set an arson attack on the synagogue in Ulm. When investigators identify a suspect, he travels to Turkey. Now the investigation could come to a dead end.

Stuttgart / Ulm (dpa) – The state government of Baden-Württemberg no longer expects the suspect in the Ulm synagogue arson to be extradited from Turkey.

Turkey rejects the extradition of its own nationals to another state without exception, according to a response from the Ministry of Justice to a request from the state parliament.

According to the ministry, the suspect is a Turkish citizen with a permanent residence permit in Germany, where he was born. Whether deportation proceedings can be initiated against the man depends on the outcome of the criminal proceedings.

The police searched for the suspect with recordings from a surveillance camera and eventually identified the 45-year-old from Ulm. Moments later, the public prosecutor announced that the man had traveled to Turkey.

The researchers assume that he emptied a liquid from a bottle on the facade of the synagogue in Ulm in early June and set it on fire. The fire was quickly extinguished because a passer-by immediately called the fire brigade. The facade of the synagogue and a window were damaged, nobody was injured. The act had sparked outrage.


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