Ukrainian Air Force describes sources and means of Russian missile strikes of Friday

Russia launched an enormous assault, deploying over 60 missiles, to distract the eye of Ukraine’s air defences.

Supply: Yuriy Ihnat, Spokesman for Ukrainian Air Drive, on air throughout the 24/7 nationwide joint newscast

Quote: “At this second, we have now info on over 60 missiles that flew over Ukraine. These are Kh-555 and Kh-101 missiles, historically launched from Tu-95 plane, in addition to Kalibr [cruise missiles] launched from the Black Sea.

We additionally recorded launches of the S-300. The [Tupolev] Tu-22M3 bombers are additionally at work, launching Kh-22 missiles. As well as, MiG-31K fight plane (that could be armed with Kinzhal (Dagger) missiles) had been noticed within the skies.

The enemy needed to distract the eye of the [Ukrainian] anti-aircraft defence on an enormous scale, to maintain them in suspense.

Additionally, Su-35 plane deployed Kh-59 missiles. The anti-aircraft defence has completed an inexpensive job; we can be reporting on the outcomes.”

Particulars: Ihnat stated that this time the attackers used strategic bombers deployed from the realm of the Engels airfield for the primary time, exactly the place these plane are parked.

The launches from the north of the Caspian Sea have additionally been recorded.

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