UK government warns EU citizens in UK | free press


London (dpa) – The UK Home Office has sent mail to a number of EU citizens residing legally in Britain that their rights in the country could be at risk.

The letter, from which the organization quoted the 3 million on Twitter, reads: “You will no longer be able to work or use public services” if the addressees do not invoke the so-called (pre) settlement Status Requests.

Settlement program aims to guarantee the rights of EU citizens

However, this letter has been sent to a number of people who have had this status for a long time. The settlement program aims to guarantee EU citizens who lived in the country before final Brexit largely the same rights as before they left the EU.

“What is happening to EU citizens in Britain is not in line with the friendly statements of the British government,” said the organization’s founder, Maike Bohn, of the German news agency. If they weren’t queuing in long, limited phone queues, the EU citizens contacted would feel “the full harshness of the hostile immigration regime”. The Ministry of the Interior must take responsibility for the poor data management and the way it communicates.

“It’s really worrying”

The 41-year-old European Alice, who for fear of the consequences does not want to reveal her full name and nationality, has lived in Great Britain for eleven years. She received one of the letters while she and her three children have valid residency status. When she read the letter, she almost had a panic attack, she told the dpa. “It’s really worrying. I just don’t feel safe.”

The UK Home Office confirmed the letters were being sent to people “who may have yet to apply”. Recipients with a valid residence permit do not need to reapply, according to a spokesperson. However, you must contact us so that the database can be updated.