Ubisoft announced a free weekend for their new action-adventure title, Far Cry 6.

When the game is free to download and play until March 27, 2022, you can do that.

A tweet from Ubisoft said that the single-player and co-op modes will be available on the vibrant, tropical island of Yara. Players will be able to play on their own or with friends. PC players can only get the game through the Epic Games launcher. Other people can go to the Ubisoft Store and link their own accounts.

Epic Games even has the game for 50% off, while Ubisoft only has a 40% discount. Also, both stores have the Season Pass on sale for a discount of 35%. This means that you can get more content after you finish the main game.

In addition, the studio has worked with Netflix’s “Stranger Things,” which adds a survival-horror twist to the Far Cry universe. Players can go into hidden bunkers, labs, and places from the show, like the frill-faced Demogorgon, who hunts in the dark.

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The title of the story is called “The Vanishing.” The main character, Dani, goes into the Upside-Down to find the people who have gone missing and the cute puppy, Chorizo. New skins for a flamethrower and a themed shotgun will be part of the DLC.

Ubisoft has been adding new things to Far Cry 6 that focuses on the main bad guys in the game. Last month, the studio released the Joseph: Collapse DLC, which was a roguelike game in which Joseph had to fight against the manifestations of his inner demons. The DLC, as well as the ones with Vaas and Pagan Min, is part of the Season Pass, which is currently on sale for 35% off.

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