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Turnaround in the Diocese of Regensburg: Even in the Diocese of Bishop Rudolf Voderholzer, there will be a committee in the future to tackle sexual abuse in the church – after some back and forth.

Regensburg (dpa) – So now: the Catholic diocese of Regensburg also wants to set up a committee to tackle sexual abuse in the church. “The constituent meeting of the processing committee will take place in the coming days,” the diocese announced on Friday.

It’s a turnaround: in recent months and shortly before the announcement, a spokesman had said that Regensburg did not want to set up a commission and was negotiating in a special way with the federal government’s commissioner for abuse, Johannes-Wilhelm Rörig. On the other hand, Rörig stated when asked that he had no knowledge of these negotiations. His spokeswoman now welcomed Regensburg’s decision to set up a committee.

About a year ago, the Permanent Council of the German Bishops’ Conference (DBK) agreed on a “Joint Declaration on Binding Criteria and Standards for an Independent Approach to Sexual Abuse in the Catholic Church in Germany” and decided to set up independent revaluation committees. in all 27 dioceses. At the time, Rörig spoke of a “historic decision”.

The diocese of Regensburg with its conservative bishop Rudolf Voderholzer had initially emphasized that they were much further there than in other dioceses and saw no need for a new commission. For example, it had already been stated much earlier that the compensation for victims of abuse would be increased to 50,000 euros. In addition, the diocese has already worked on cases involving the world-famous Regensburger Domspatzen and published scientific studies on the matter.

The diocese actually wanted to negotiate an individual solution with Rörig. Initially, there were quite different views on the status of these discussions: “At the moment, the agreements are going through the committees of the independent commissioner,” a diocese spokesman said mid-week. But with Rörig it sounded different: “A request from the diocesan Bishop Vorderholzer to come to an agreement with me on a” declaration of equivalence “according to section 8 of the” joint declaration “for the diocese of Regensburg has not yet been submitted,” said Rörig upon request. from the German news agency.

There was only an exchange of views on “temporary intermediate steps”. “Therefore, we are currently not checking whether there is already a comprehensive evaluation in the Diocese of Regensburg that meets the requirements of the” Joint Declaration “, especially as regards the participation of those affected.” If Regensburg has now decided to meet the criteria of the joint statement, no further consultation is necessary, said a spokeswoman for the abuse officer.

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