Tyler1 says competitive games shouldn’t allow players to team up with friends in ranked

In style Twitch streamer Tyler “Tyler1” just lately weighed in along with his opinion on aggressive queues in on-line gaming, stating that video games are ruining the expertise by permitting gamers to group up in ranked lobbies.

Tyler1 vehemently criticized the prevalent system in most video games, akin to Overwatch 2, Valorant, League of Legends, and Counter-Strike: World Offensive, which permits gamers to queue up for ranked video games with their pals. Arguing that it is unfair, he proclaimed that it ought to be abolished from all video games to make the ranked grind bearable:

“I imply it should not be in any recreation. Any recreation that has a ranked ladder mustn’t have duo queue/trio queue, no matter.”

“It ruins this sh*t, bro”: Ranting towards teams in queues in aggressive video games, Tyler1 says one shouldn’t be taking part in ranked mode with pals

Identified for his League of Legends streams, Tyler1 one was taking part in the just lately launched sequel to Blizzard’s hero shooter, Overwatch 2, on his Twitch channel right this moment when the dialogue about permitting gamers to group up in ranked got here up.

The streamer argued that there are many recreation modes to play with pals and that folks should not be taking part in aggressive video games with folks they know. Tyler1 acknowledged that it offers them an edge over others:

“The one excuse folks can discover is it is extra enjoyable to play with pals. But when it is extra enjoyable to play with pals, most of those video games have extra enjoyable recreation modes. So cease the cap.”

He vehemently opposed the concept that taking part in with pals is essential for ranked, saying it ruins the expertise for others and that they need to play one thing else:

“If you wish to play with your folks, you’d discover time to play with them in different issues. It ruins this sh*t bro.”

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Tyler1 did backtrack a bit on his unique criticism and admitted that duo queues had been nonetheless positive. Nevertheless, he reiterated his hate in the direction of trios and four-stacks because of their aggressive benefit whereas taking part in tactical shooters requiring group coordination. The streamer acknowledged:

“Okay, duo queue, when you wanna argue for duo queue, f*ck it, no matter. You shouldn’t be capable of 4 stack. Are you loopy!?! Trio, are you insane!?!”

Tyler1 added some anecdotal proof, retelling the all-to-familiar story of a lone participant being outsmarted by a bunch of well-coordinated gamers on the alternative group. He described the expertise as “annoying as f*ck”:

“Each single time I’ve performed towards them (5 stacks), whilst a tank participant, I get f*cking sh*t on. I get dumpstered. I get sh*t rocked as a result of, when the enemy group has like a tank, one help, one DPS. At the least three stacking. They blow me the f*ck up immediately. All coordinated, all taking part in collectively. It is like annoying as f*ck.”

Arguing that coordinated play could also be anticipated in increased ranks and never gold or platinum, Tyler1 felt it was not possible to solo queue as a tank in Overwatch 2 due to stacks in his opponent’s group. He requested:

“How do you solo queue tank towards trio+stack?”

Reddit reacts to Tyler1’s claims

The clip has gained fairly some traction because it was shared extensively on social media. Right here is how r/LivestreamFail reacted to it:

On-line aggressive video games akin to Overwatch 2, Valorant, and MOBAs akin to LoL and DOTA 2 have been attempting to take care of the problem of stacking in ranked modes since their inception.

Whereas it is true that taking part in a web-based recreation with pals is a chief motive most individuals play esports titles, the argument for restrictive grouping additionally holds advantage.

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