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MEP Nico Semsrott has turned his back on the satirical “party”. Why?


There is probably no political weight to describe this process as a scandal. After all, it is “The Party”, one of the smallest parties in the European Parliament, to which only two German MPs belong – only one as of Wednesday. What happened?

After the attack by Trump supporters on the Capitol, satirist and MEP Martin Sonneborn (55) published a photo in which he was wearing a T-shirt with the print: “Au Widelsehern, Amlerika! Have a good girl runtel! Placed in China. For the PALTEI. ”Few recognized the joke and even less the satirical escalation: it should be an allusion to Trump fan articles made in China despite his anti-Chinese policies. The tweet, on the other hand, was racist and offensive, some readers thought, as he made fun of the Chinese’s alleged inability to pronounce an “R”.

Despite the fierce accusations, Sonneborn took it a step further, describing the critics as “just too stupid to understand his art”. This is how his previous party friend, the comedian Nico Semsrott (34) felt, who was pissed off by this response: “If people feel racially attacked by his posts, he doesn’t have to do much. Compassion and respect for those affected are enough. correct one’s own behavior. ”Semsrott withdrew the consequences and left the party. Only then did Sonneborn publicly apologize, describing his joke as “unsuccessful”.

Sonneborn, once editor-in-chief of the satirical magazine “Titanic” and founder and chairman of the anti-party “The Party”, has been an unregistered Member of the European Parliament since 2014. In 2019 he was joined by Semsrott, known for the ZDF “Today Show”. Semsrott then already joined the Greens, where he wants to stay and fulfill his mandate.

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