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Two billion euros for quantum computers in Germany | Free press

Quantum computers are among the most important technologies of the future. So far, companies like Google and IBM have dominated the survey. Germany now wants to catch up and is spending a lot of money on it.

Berlin (dpa) – In the international race for the technology of the future, the federal government has released a total of two billion euros for the development of quantum computers.

The Federal Ministry of Research allocates 1.1 billion euros, and 878 million euros comes from the budget of the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs.

The goal is to build a competitive quantum computer in Germany within the next five years and create an associated ecosystem with potential users, Federal Research Minister Anja Karliczek (CDU) said Tuesday in Berlin.

“Quantum technologies are one of the decisive key technologies of the future,” says Karliczek. “They will enable us to make our communications absolutely secure, use highly sensitive sensors to make leaps and bounds in medical technology, or use quantum computing to tackle previously unsolvable problems in logistics or materials research.”

With the concept of quantum computers, research and industry are responding to the fact that the hitherto prevalent development of powerful computers is approaching its physical limits. A quantum computer does not store information in the form of bits that can have only two possible states, one or zero. Instead, a quantum computer qubit can be both at the same time, i.e. one and zero. The quantum particle pauses in both states until you look at it or measure it. This means that quantum computers can theoretically be many times faster and more powerful than conventional computers.

To achieve the goal of the program, the Ministry of Research is initially funding the construction of “demonstration quantum computers”. These computers should have 24 fully functional qubits. Within five years, a competing German quantum computer must be equipped with at least 100 individually controllable qubits – scalable to at least 500 qubits. Currently, the largest quantum computers are a 65 qubit computer from IBM and a 54 qubit system from Google.

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