Twitter might add “Edit Tweet” feature to the platform – Here’s the complete details!!

Thinking about how to edit a tweet? In that case, this latest news is definitely for you. If rumors are to be believed, Twitter is currently working to roll out a new feature to the platform. Want to know what is it? Keep scrolling further to find the complete details.

Adding an “edit” feature to Twitter is thought to be in the works. A tipster has shared a number of alleged images that show off different parts of this feature. There are a lot of unfinished options like “Edit History” that have been shown by the tipster, but they aren’t finished yet. The iOS and Android versions are likely to look the same. Until now, Twitter has not officially said that this feature is coming.

Twitter broke the news that it was going to make it possible for people to change their tweets, which had been a long-standing request. When Elon Musk tried to buy Twitter, it would have been the most talked-about story in a long time. Several tweets from reverse engineers show that work on Twitter’s Edit button has already begun. They show how the feature was made and how it was made in the past.

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Alessandro Paluzzi (@alex193a) claims to have screenshots that show the “Edit Tweet” icon next to the date of a tweet on the timeline or in the side menu of a tweet. When the changes are made, “Edited” would show up next to the date. When you click this text, you’ll go to the “Edit History” of the tweet.

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At the moment, it looks like Twitter is still working on this feature, but it should be in the final version of the app. The tipster also said that the tweets could be changed for up to an hour after they were first posted. This resolves the most-asked question that how to edit a tweet.


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Twitter looks like it is finally listening to its users and adding some of the most important features that people have asked for to its social media platform.

When it did this recently, it added the ALT badge and let people see image descriptions. These features are meant to help Twitter users who use assistive technology and those who can’t see well. Even people who have slow internet connections can use these features.

In addition, the social media company is testing a new “unmentioning” feature that users have asked for a long time. If you want to leave a conversation, you can do that with this feature on Twitter. This would stop other people from tagging you in notifications again. You would still be able to see the tweet, but you wouldn’t get any notifications about it.

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