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Twitter analysis can predict the “Big Brother” winner

Twitter analysis can predict the “Big Brother” winner

This is the result of a study by the University of Minho. More than 330,000 tweets were analyzed.

“Big Brother – The Revolution” was reviewed.

User comments on the Twitter social network may be representative of viewer preferences for “Big Brother” competitors. This is the conclusion of a study by the University of Minho, carried out by Cecília Castro, Marta Azevedo and José Pinheiro.

“Researchers concluded that the comments on this social network indicate the most and least valued competitors and that there is a strong correlation between the feeling of what is written on the social network and the result of the program is connected”, can be read on the university’s website.

This study analyzed more than 330,000 tweets related to “Big Brother: The Revolution,” the late 2020 edition of the TVI reality show. with winner Zena to conduct comments associated with positive sentiment,” the research adds.

Last-place participants had “more comments related to negative sentiment.” “This is another indicator of the importance this social network can have in predicting big (and small) public decisions,” the study points out. It is possible to learn more data in a Twitter account created for this purpose.


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