Twitch streamer lavlunee’s underage sexual allegations against HasanAbi sparks row in the streaming community

Late on November 14, streamer and influencer lavlunee sparked controversy within the streaming neighborhood together with her allegations towards standard Twitch streamer Hasan “HasanAbi.”

Twitch channel ChudLogic’s livestream contained a screenshot of the accusation and a clip from it has gained vital traction on social media after accruing hundreds of views inside hours of it being posted on r/LivestreamFail subreddit.

The allegations have been addressed by Hasan the identical evening. Not solely did he denounce their authenticity but additionally hinted that lavlunee may get sued for defamation.

“It’s actually against the law”: HasanAbi warns that the allegations are fabricated and lavlunee might be sued for slander

On his most up-to-date stream, ChudLogic shared what seems to be a screenshot of a Discord chat from lavlunee, who additionally goes by the names lavender and lavlunee. The message accused the political commentator by alleging that when the streamer was 24 years previous, he slept with somebody who was “like 17”:

“I believe Hasan’s outrage towards all the things is actually humorous as a result of he slept with my buddy when she was like 17 and he was 24.”

As a preferred streamer with over two million followers on Twitch, the allegations towards the Turkish-American streamer turned fairly just a few heads and one of many first issues he did earlier than his common stream was to deal with them:

“The accusations are insane.”

Hasan was fairly upset about what he described as unfaithful allegations and went off towards lavlunee for “massaging the numbers”:

Explaining that the sexual interplay with the unnamed particular person was fully authorized and consensual, i.e., occurred when each of them have been adults. He additionally went on to say that the accuser concerned is legendary and they’d in all probability get slapped with a reasonably large lawsuit:

“Exhausting for me to not discuss right here, however given who the particular person is, the accusations listed below are so psychotic that it might make mainstream f*cking information and this particular person would in all probability, once more, get sued for some huge cash. Not by me, by the way in which… For making this shi* up.”

HasanAbi vehemently criticized lavlunee and stated that the ages have been clear fabrications:

“Uh, we’ll simply therapeutic massage the numbers just a little bit. We’ll simply therapeutic massage the numbers just a little bit, what I imply? How f*cked up is that? You actually gonna f*cking flip round, you gonna weaponize this s**t and make this s**t up? What a psychotic insane f*cking factor to do.”

He then proceeded to play ChudLogic’s clip on the difficulty and famous that everybody concerned seemed to be distancing themselves from the allegations:

“By the way in which, these guys are additionally trynna cowl their very own a*ses too cus’ like, they’re speaking about potential authorized implications for them too. Each single particular person concerned on this has brazenly acknowledged that that is f*cking bullsh*t. The explanation why they are saying that’s as a result of they acknowledge that it is bullsh*t and that it’s sueable bullsh*t.”

Timestamp 00:22:16

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HasanAbi then proceeded to learn the discord remark made by lavlunee and outright dismissed it as a lie as a result of the particular person in query was not underage:

“Bullshi*! Jesus, ‘like 17’. There is a distinction dude, she was 19. Holy f*ck. That is insane, why did you simply lie… If she had stated, here is the issue, if she had stated, ‘Oh when my buddy was 19,’ okay? Which is the reality. Then everybody can be like, ‘Dude shut the f*ck up, do not begin this problematic age hole discourse, okay?'”

Stating that lavlunee knew that might not get most individuals going, he stated she straight-up embellished the information to suit a story:

“However she knew that, so she needed to f*cking therapeutic massage it to make it, like, unlawful. Which is, once more, against the law.”

HasanAbi made it clear that what she had accomplished was legal slander:

“It’s actually, it’s a crime to… What she’s principally saying is that I’ve dedicated against the law. And it isn’t solely an entire fabrication, she is aware of what the reality is and determined to therapeutic massage it just a little bit so she may f*cking slander me with against the law.”

Reddit reactions to the clips

ChudLogic’s clip. which first began the controversy on r/LivestreamFail, had quite a few feedback questioning the authenticity of the accusation as followers of Future, too, defined that lavlunee additionally lately alleged that the YouTube streamer is the Harvey Weinstein of streaming.

Listed below are some reactions:

Redditors additionally commented alongside comparable traces within the clip of HasanAbi speaking a couple of potential defamation lawsuit:

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Whereas Future and HasanAbi have not seen eye to eye since falling out years in the past, the previous has come out and publicly denounced the allegations too. He additional defined that whereas he has no love for HasanAbi, he doesn’t wish to platform anybody who will unfold misinformation of such be aware towards him.

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