TVI’s new reality show aims to help you fall in love


TVI’s new reality show aims to help you fall in love

It’s called “Let Love Rule” and it’s one of the most customized programs of the past year. He comes to television in the summer.

The viewer’s war continues and TVI already launched a new weapon this summer. And the heat will bring a reality show where the ultimate goal for competitors is to find love.

“Let Love Rule” was created in the Netherlands and produced by the same production company that created “Big Brother”, Shine. Success led it to be customized in several countries – and it has grown to be one of the most customized in the last six months.

“In its history, TVI has united people and celebrated love. We are the television of reality shows and with this broadcast we will give many Portuguese people the opportunity to find their match. After many months of loneliness in which relationships have been weakened, it is time to encourage meetings, ”said Cristina Ferreira, director of entertainment and fiction at TVI, in a statement.

It will be a kind of television tinder that brings together several unknown competitors. Then they have to live in the same house. There is just no guarantee that this will turn into a love story.

At the end of each day in the house, participants can decide whether they want to give their partner another chance – or whether they want to pack and leave. New challenges and visits from friends and family will take place over the course of the program.

A promising number or none at all: 20 percent of the singles who took part in the Dutch program stayed there as couples. Registration is now open and can be sent to