TVI reveals first pictures of Big Brother’s new house

It has more than 1,300 square meters, 80 cameras with up to 50x zoom and a regiment with more than 30 computers.

There aren’t many details yet.

The next issue of “Big Brother” is still a bit secret. It is not yet known who will present and the details of the house in which the competitors will live are still few. The premiere is coming soon: September 12th, next Sunday.

From this week on, TVI will publish pictures of the new house on social networks. The first one was put up this Sunday, September 5th, but you don’t see much, it’s just a round door. According to “Mc Share”, more pictures will be shared in the next.

The location of the new home is not yet known, but it is known that it was built from scratch and is 1,360 square feet. There will be 80 cameras monitoring the participants 24 hours a day. There are always two directors, tablets, large screens and 30 computers in the region.

32 microphones are distributed in the various rooms so that no conversation is left out. More than 35 kilometers of cables were installed. It took six weeks to build and had a team from several countries.

There were approximately 18,000 applications for the program. 51 percent of applicants are men, 49 percent are women. The central region accounted for 28 percent of the arrivals, the north 22 percent, the central north six percent, the south two percent, Madeira 1.5 percent and the Azores 0.1 percent.

After “BB 2020”, “Big Brother – The Revolution” and “BB Duplo Impacto”, this is another edition of the reality show.