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TVI is already preparing new season of “Big Brother Famous”.

TVI is already preparing new season of “Big Brother Famous”.

It’s not yet known when it will premiere, but it could be right after this edition ends. Nuno Graciano is mentioned as a competitor.

Bruno de Carvalho stood out in this edition.

Since its debut earlier this year, “Big Brother Famous” has been a TV ratings hit. In recent weeks, following the start of the relationship between contestants Bruno de Carvalho and Liliana Almeida, the reality show has been the controversial topic of the moment – numerous viewers and organizations have accused TVI of legitimizing toxic and abusive relationships by showing certain behaviors the former actor, sports president.

This issue of “Big Brother Famosos” is scheduled to end at the end of February. Then a new season of the program with celebrities, which TVI is already preparing, should start. Further details have not yet been released, but some magazines have reported on the participation of some competitors.

Former TV host Nuno Graciano and influencer and former First Dates contestant Gonçalo Costa are some of the names mentioned. Other public figures who have received invitations include Miguel Cristovinho (Kasha’s colleague at DAMA), the clown Batatinha, actress Matilde Breyner and singer Catarina Padinha (daughter of Pedro Passos Coelho and Fátima Padinha, recently interviewed by NiT ).


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