TVI entertainment programming studios move to Bucelas

TVI entertainment program studios move to Bucelas

This change is due to the appearance of CNN Portugal, which does not want an image linked to the channel Queluz de Baixo.

CNN Portugal is already bringing changes.

The advent of CNN Portugal already brings several changes to TVI’s studios, including entertainment programs that need to relocate their productions while TVI24’s studios are being converted to CNNs.

This change is due to the fact that CNN wants to have its own identity in the country and is not connected to the image and content of TVI. To this end, new information studios are being built in Queluz de Baixo, specially created for CNN Portugal.

With these changes, the entertainment program studios have to be relocated, says the newspaper “Público”. This means that morning shows like “Dois à 10” and afternoon shows like “Goucha” will be relocated to Bucelas, where Plural Entertainment, the production company of Media Capital, is based.

CNN Portugal – led by Nuno Santos, the current director general of TVI – will be on Portuguese screens at the end of the year.

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