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TVI and Pantene have already opened registration for the best hair in Portugal

TVI and Pantene have already opened registration for the best hair in Portugal

The fourth edition of the competition has arrived. The winner becomes the new brand ambassador and receives a prize of 10,000 euros.

“Pantene Hair – The Dream 4”.

Hair can give us more identity and reflect our personality. Cutting them, combing them and coloring them are ways that each of us finds to emphasize our individuality. Nothing inspires more confidence than beautiful, radiant and healthy hair.

For the fourth year in a row, the Hair Pantene – The dream competition is back on TVI. Whether man or woman, the challenge remains: to find the most beautiful and best-groomed hair in Portugal among a large number of candidates.

The moderators are not yet known, but the format promises experiences in the most diverse areas – such as beauty, fashion, culture, communication, etc. The last edition of “Cabelo Pantene O Sonho” was conducted by Sofia Ribeiro and Luís Borges.

The competition

Applications can be submitted between February 1st and March 6th via an online form. Applicants must be over 16 years of age and submit two photos (of face and hair) and a presentation video with a maximum duration of 20 seconds. In this video, each participant has to explain how important hair is to them and how it reflects their personality.

This year the selected group consists of 12 candidates who can learn from the best professionals and show the strength and personality of their hair.

During the five-week episodes, the finalists will live in the same house, share their stories, learn to care for their hair and face the challenging elimination tests. In this edition, the program brings new surprises, new challenges and some adventures – both for the candidates and for the public.

As in previous years, the winner will become the new ambassador for the Pantene brand and will also be entitled to a final prize of 10,000 euros. In addition to the great possibility of belonging to the TVI universe. The program “Cabelo Pantene – O Sonho 4” is produced by Endemol and will be broadcast by TVI from May. The ordinance can be viewed online.

In 2021, Asize Topal emerged as the winner of the competition and, as promised, became an official Pantene ambassador.


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