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TVI already shows information on competitors of the new edition of “Big Brother”

TVI already informs about the competitors of the new edition of “Big Brother”

His name is José, he is 66 years old and retired. The participant joins another already announced by the broadcaster.

We already know two of the competitors.

After the registration for the new edition of “Big Brother” is almost complete, this Monday, July 26th, TVI announced one of the new competitors for this version of the program. José is 66 years old and retired. For him, “it’s never too late to embark on an adventure like Big Brother,” says the publication on the reality show’s official Instagram page.

In addition to José, the Queluz de Baixo station has already introduced us to another competitor, Joaquim, who is 49 years old. The entrepreneur believes he has what it takes to win: “Determination and ambition”, reveals another publication on the “Big Brother” page.

While little is known about this remake, the information we already have shows that this will be a completely different game with new rules, challenges, and unusual tests. The price that is involved is also different from previous editions.

While the price was 50,000 euros in “Big Brother 2020” and “Big Brother: A Revolution”, the final value in this issue is twice as high – 100,000 euros, as revealed in a new TVI promo. In “Big Brother: Duplo Impacto”, the winner Joana Albuquerque took home 20,000 euros.

Another novelty of this edition is the house, which will be built from scratch with swimming pool, garden and a more modern and futuristic design. Some pictures of the building have already been revealed by Cristina Ferreira. Past editions were presented by Cláudio Ramos, Teresa Guilherme and a couple made up of both. However, we do not yet know who will present the latest edition.


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