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Brussels (dpa) – Faster vaccination, more protection against the dreaded new Corona variants: On a video summit, Chancellor Angela Merkel and her EU colleagues seek a common line in the further fight against the pandemic.

It also concerns suggestions for a European corona vaccination pass and the associated benefits, for example when traveling.

In view of mutations in the coronavirus, Chancellor Helge Braun told Deutsche Welle that Germany wanted to act in sync with neighboring countries in the fight against the virus. Border closures in Europe would be “the bad way”. “That is why it is very important that the European Council takes precautions. That we can now all suppress the mutation as much as possible. “

Vaccinations started later and slower in the 27 EU countries than in other countries. There is not nearly enough vaccine for all citizens. Nevertheless, the European Commission has ambitious goals: by summer 70 percent of adults in the EU must be vaccinated against the virus, and by March 80 percent of people over 80 and nurses and health workers.

The Brussels government considers this feasible, especially since new vaccines are expected to come onto the market soon. At the end of next week, manufacturer Astrazeneca could get EU approval, in the weeks after that it could get money from Johnson & Johnson and Curevac. In addition, the production of the approved funds must be increased. Sufficient quantities of vaccine should be available from April.

As soon as there is enough vaccine and there is evidence that you cannot infect others after a vaccination, the corona requirements for vaccinated people must be quickly lifted, demanded FDP European politician Nicola Beer. “Citizens who decide to vaccinate under these circumstances should return to a self-determined life without government restrictions as soon as possible.” She mentioned outings or visits to restaurants or museums. But many EU states find the debate about privileges premature, including the German government.

After all, the number of people in Germany who want to get vaccinated against Covid-19 is growing slowly. In a survey by the YouGov Institute on behalf of the DPA, 67 percent said they want to be vaccinated – 40 percent as soon as possible. Another 27 percent plan to do so, but still want to wait for the possible consequences of the vaccinations.

In addition to the initially slow vaccination campaign, the virus variants first discovered in Great Britain and South Africa are of great concern in many EU countries because these mutations are more contagious. Brussels fears that EU states could close borders to protect themselves, which could slow down the exchange of goods in the internal market.

The European Commission has proposed to use so-called genome sequencing to search more specifically for mutations. She also insists on a more uniform line in lockdown measures.

The Green politician Sven Giegold also called for “synchronization of the corona policy” because of the new virus variants. “Europe needs a common roadmap with the most uniform measures possible for the same incidence levels,” said Giegold of the dpa. At the same time, he stressed: “Border closures are not a European corona policy, they would cause enormous damage.”

The CSU Chairman and Bavarian Prime Minister Markus Söder had declared border controls “necessary” if a coordinated corona policy with neighboring European countries fails. Border checks are not actually planned in the European Schengen area.

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