Trump wants to get another vote in Georgia in court | Free press

President-elect Trump no longer wants to accept his defeat. Now he is starting a new trial in court.

Washington (AP) – The incumbent US President Donald Trump wants to get a completely new vote in court in the presidential election in Georgia.

According to Trump’s campaign team, a corresponding filing was filed in a state court on Friday. It says, among other things, that thousands of votes were cast illegally in elections for “significant systematic misconduct, fraud and other irregularities”.

It is one of many attempts by Trump and his Republican allies to tilt the state’s election results in his favor. Courts have dismissed numerous lawsuits, including in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Georgia and Nevada. Given the limited result, a second recount is being carried out in Georgia. Those responsible for the election do not assume that this will change Democrat Joe Biden’s victory in the state. Authorities see no evidence of massive electoral fraud, as Trump repeatedly claims.

The state’s results are key to winning the United States presidential election. Voters cast their votes on behalf of the people based on the results in their state. According to US media calculations, Democrat Biden has 306 voters behind him, he needs 270 for the presidential election. Trump has 232 voters.

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