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Trump Sues Alleged Fraud | Free press

Washington (AP) – In his first televised interview since the US election, incumbent President Donald Trump reiterated his unproven claims about alleged electoral fraud.

The Nov. 3 vote was “a complete fraud,” Trump said Sunday in a telephone interview with Fox News. In the nearly hour-long conversation, Trump reiterated his allegations that many dead had voted and that the increase in postal votes resulted in “massive fraud.”

Trump has so far failed to provide reliable evidence of the alleged electoral fraud he’s been talking about for weeks. US courts have already dismissed numerous lawsuits to challenge the election results and its Republican allies. It wasn’t until Friday that a federal judge once nominated by Trump dismissed a major lawsuit in the state of Pennsylvania as unfounded. US authorities and state election officials have judged the vote safe and successful – no known cases of major fraud.

Trump, 74, continues to refuse to acknowledge Democrat Joe Biden’s (78) election victory. When asked by conservative Fox News presenter Maria Bartiromo if there was still a path to victory for him despite defeats in court, Trump said, “I hope so.” He claimed he received “thousands, tens of thousands” more votes than Biden in the ruling states. Social networks, and especially the media – which he again called “enemies of the people” – suppressed the truth, Trump said.

Trump also complained that it was very difficult to bring his allegations to the Supreme Court in Washington. Trump is hoping for a home game there because six of the nine judges are considered conservative, three of whom have been nominated by him. “You need a Supreme Court that is willing to make a very big decision,” he said. Trump’s failed lawsuits in lower courts make hopes for the Supreme Court seem unrealistic. Moreover, even a favorable verdict on a dispute in a state would not be enough to help it win.

Biden was declared the winner by the American media after the election. According to the current count, he secured the votes of 306 voters, significantly more than the 270 votes needed for a win. The Electoral College elects the next president and vice president on December 14. The results of the vote will not be officially announced until January 6. Given the known election results, both steps are considered formalities. Biden, 78, will be sworn in on January 20.

Trump has rarely appeared in public since the election. He avoided asking journalists questions until Thursday. When asked by a reporter, he said he would leave the White House of his own accord if Biden were elected by the electoral college. Trump declined to comment on speculation that he plans to run for president again in 2024.

After the election, the Trump administration initially refused to initiate the legally required, orderly handover to Biden. On Monday, however, the appropriate agency gave in and paved the way for the Democrat and his team to access government departments, agencies and confidential government information, as well as millions of dollars in salaries and other expenses, before the inauguration. Next Monday, Biden was scheduled to receive the top-secret secret service briefing for the first time, which normally only goes to the president.


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