Trump pardons former chief strategist Steve Bannon | Free press


Steve Bannon contributed to Donald Trump’s election victory in 2016, about half a year ago he was temporarily arrested on suspicion of fraud. But an old companion is now saving him.

Washington (AP) – US President Donald Trump has pardoned former chief strategist Steve Bannon and more than 70 other people in the final hours of his tenure. The White House announced this on Wednesday evening (local time).

In addition, 70 other people’s sentences have been commuted. The list ranges from a former congressman to American rapper Lil Wayne (“Lollipop”), who has been accused of illegal possession of weapons. Not included were Trump himself, members of his family, and his personal attorney Rudy Giuliani. According to media reports, advisers advised the elected president not to list his closest circle.

Bannon is a co-founder of the internet platform “Breitbart” and is one of the most influential voices in the ultra-conservative camp of US politics. He was arrested this summer on charges of diverting money from an online fundraiser to build a wall in Mexico for other purposes. Bannon pleaded not guilty and was released on bail. He presents himself as a victim of political persecution. The trial in the case is expected to begin in May 2021.

Bannon joined Trump’s team in 2016 and was in charge of the campaign. The 67-year-old is said to have played a major role in Trump’s surprising success at the time. After the election victory, Bannon became Trump’s chief strategist, but was forced to step down in 2017. Critics accuse Trump of having the power to pardon, especially on those close to him. Shortly before Christmas, he had pardoned several loyal companions, including the former head of his campaign team, Paul Manafort.

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