Trump lets fans share his views on Facebook and Twitter | Free press


Palm Beach (dpa) – Ex-President Donald Trump, banned from major online platforms, uses his supporters to voice his views on Twitter and Facebook.

Trump started a blog section on his website – from where the individual posts can also be shared on the two services. The advance came a few hours before the expected decision whether Trump will remain banned from Facebook.

A Twitter spokesperson said on Wednesday that it is generally allowed to share content from a website as long as it does not violate the platform’s guidelines. At the same time, however, he was also referring to Twitter’s rules against breaking a block. It is therefore prohibited to impersonate a blocked account or for someone to manage a profile for a blocked person. Twitter will act on such violations.

That would leave Trump with a second-tier presence – because his ideas would circulate through the profiles of his followers, but he still couldn’t be followed directly. There was initially no comment from Facebook.

Facebook, Twitter and YouTube blocked Trump in January shortly before the end of his term in office. The trigger was the storming of the US Capitol by his supporters – and that he expressed sympathy for the attackers. He also claimed for weeks without any evidence that his November presidential election victory had been stolen by fraud. He thus fed the tensions. To this day, Trump has not changed his view of the election.

Twitter has already stressed that there is no direct way back to the platform for Trump. Google’s video platform YouTube, on the other hand, wants to unblock its profile when “the risk of violence has decreased”.

After being banned from online services, Trump has relied on sending statements by email for the past few months. Before that, the Twitter account was by far his main communication channel with over 80 million subscribers.

Trump is still popular with many Republican voters – and that still ensures him significant influence in the party. At the same time, its ability to influence public opinion drastically diminished with the ban on online services.

The blog section began Tuesday with the title “From the desk of Donald J. Trump” and is reminiscent of Twitter – but only posts from Trump. His followers can also add a ‘Like’ heart to individual posts, just like on Twitter – and can also be notified of new posts. However, there is no opportunity to comment on Trump’s contributions.

Facebook’s independent board of directors plans to announce its decision on Trump’s lockdown around 3 p.m. CEST. The so-called supervisory board can reverse decisions made by management and content reviewers about posts and people – and has the final say. The body of legal experts, activists and former politicians is a sort of “Supreme Court” of Facebook, whose decisions cannot be overruled even by founder and boss Mark Zuckerberg.

The money for the regulator comes from Facebook, but is in a trust company, which must guarantee independence. In the few previous decisions, the Oversight Board has already rolled back several blocks of content from Facebook.