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Trump: If Biden is elected, I will resign | Free press


Donald Trump seemed unwilling to leave his place in recent weeks. In the meantime, he strikes a different tone. However, he is sticking to his version of “election fraud”.

Washington (AP) – In his own words, Republican incumbent Donald Trump will leave the White House if the electoral college votes for Democrat Joe Biden as the next US president.

Nevertheless, given the “massive electoral fraud”, he would consider it a “mistake” to vote for Biden, Trump pointed out in the White House. The Republican has so far provided no evidence of the alleged electoral fraud. He refuses to acknowledge Biden’s victory. ‘That was the wrong choice. 100 percent, ”said Trump.

It would be “very difficult” to admit defeat, Trump said after a Thanksgiving video broadcast featuring American soldiers abroad. It was the first time since the November 3 elections that he had questioned reporters. Trump said he doesn’t think it’s right that Biden is already putting together a cabinet. Regarding his allegations of alleged electoral fraud, he said the US electoral infrastructure is like a “third world country.” The dead also voted, he claimed.

Biden was declared the winner by the American media after the election. According to the current count, he secured the votes of 306 voters, significantly more than the 270 votes needed for a win. The Electoral College elects the next president and vice president on December 14. The result of the vote will not be announced until January 6. Given the long-known election results, both steps are considered formalities. Biden (78) will be sworn in as the new president on January 20.


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