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Trump: If Biden is elected, I will leave the White House | Free press

Washington (AP) – The Republican incumbent Donald Trump will leave the White House if the electoral college votes for Democrat Joe Biden as the next US president.

Nevertheless, given the “massive electoral fraud”, he would consider it a “mistake” to vote for Biden, Trump pointed out in the White House. The Republican has so far provided no evidence of the alleged electoral fraud he’s been talking about for weeks. Still, he refuses to acknowledge Biden’s victory. ‘That was the wrong choice. 100 percent, ”Trump claimed.

It would be “very difficult” to admit defeat, Trump said after a Thanksgiving video broadcast featuring American soldiers abroad. It was the first time since the November 3 elections that he had questioned reporters. Trump said he thought it was “not right” that Biden was already putting together a cabinet. Regarding his election fraud allegations, he said the US electoral infrastructure is like a “third world country.” The dead also voted, he claimed.

Biden was declared the winner by the American media after the election. According to the current count, he secured the votes of 306 voters, significantly more than the 270 votes needed for a win. The Electoral College elects the next president and vice president on December 14. The results of the vote will not be officially announced until January 6. Given the long-known election results, both steps are considered formalities. Biden, 78, will be sworn in as the oldest president in United States history on January 20.

Trump said to his supporters, “Don’t be disappointed, this race is far from over.” Trump and his Republicans have filed numerous lawsuits to contest the results, but have not achieved significant legal success so far. Trump left unanswered the question of whether, according to tradition, he would attend a January inauguration of Biden.

When asked about the possibility of running again as a Republican presidential candidate in 2024, Trump said there was still plenty of time until then. He doesn’t want to talk about 2024 just yet. When a journalist asked if he would leave the White House of his own accord in the event of Biden’s election, he said, “Of course I will, and you know it.” Then Trump added, “ I think a lot is going to happen between now and January 20, a lot of things. Massive electoral fraud was detected. We are like a third world country. “

Biden once said during the election campaign that if necessary, the military would carry Trump out of the White House if it refuses to acknowledge his defeat. The US media had recently reported, citing Trump’s environment, that the 74-year-old would leave the White House in the event of defeat.

After the election, the Trump administration initially refused to initiate the legally required, orderly handover to Biden. On Monday, however, the agency in question gave in, paving the way for the Democrat and his team to access government departments, agencies and confidential government information, as well as millions of dollars in salaries and other expenses, before the inauguration.

Trump announced that he is planning a campaign appearance in Georgia on behalf of two Republican senators in the state this Saturday (Dec. 5). There are two second elections for Senate seats on January 5, currently held by Republicans. The Democrats hope to get both seats and thus a majority in the US Senate. If that succeeds, there will be a 50 to 50-vote stalemate in the parliamentary chamber, which has so far been dominated by the Republicans. This would be decisive for elected Democratic Vice President Kamala Harris, who would be ex-officio President of the Senate.

Right now, the Republicans still have a narrow majority in the powerful Senate and the House of Representatives is controlled by the Democrats. The Senate must pass laws, and all ministers appointed by Biden to his cabinet need the approval of the chamber.

Biden had delivered a speech on Wednesday in anticipation of the upcoming holiday in which he spoke extensively about the critical situation surrounding the corona pandemic and called on Americans to unite after the election. “I know the country has grown tired of fighting. We cannot forget that we are at war with the virus, not with each other, not with each other, ”said Biden. On Thursday, he spoke to health workers via a video link to thank the “ heroes on the forefront ” of the corona crisis, as Biden described on Twitter.


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