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US President Trump still refuses to admit he lost the election to Joe Biden. Now he is campaigning for the re-election of two Republican senators in Georgia – because the second election there will have far-reaching consequences.

Washington (AP) – After his defeat in the presidential election, incumbent Donald Trump fights to keep the majority of his Republicans in the powerful US Senate.

Trump wants to campaign for the re-election of two Republican senators David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler at a rally in Valdosta, Georgia, this Saturday evening (7 p.m. local time / 1 a.m. CET). You’ll face Democrats Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock in a second round on January 5. The election is of paramount importance because it determines the majority in the powerful United States Senate.

In the November 3 elections, Republicans secured 50 of the 100 seats in the parliamentary chamber. Should the Democrats succeed in capturing the two seats in Georgia, there would be a stalemate in the senate. Then the elected Vice President Kamala Harris – who is also President of the Senate – has the final say in a tie vote. This would give the Democrats of elected US President Joe Biden a de facto majority. Polls recently saw the two Democratic challengers in Georgia get close.

In the House of Representatives – the other chamber of parliament in the US Congress – the Democrats could defend their majority. The double second election in Georgia will now decide whether not only the White House and the House of Representatives, but also the Senate will be controlled by the Democrats in the future. The Senate must approve important personnel decisions made by the president. In addition, the approval of both houses of parliament is a prerequisite for the adoption of bills.

On Friday, former US President Barack Obama made a strong case for the election of the two Democratic candidates for the Senate. “You have to understand that this is not just about Georgia,” Obama said at an online Georgia Democratic event. “This is about America and this is about the world.” Obama warned that the outcome of the second election would have a major impact on Biden’s presidency. If Republicans can keep their majority in the Senate, “they can block almost anything.”

Trump has rarely appeared in public since the November 3 election. The Georgia event is his first rally since the defeat. Trump claims he was killed in widespread election fraud. On Tuesday, Attorney General William Barr said there was no evidence of fraud to the extent that it would change the outcome of the election. Lawsuits from Trump’s lawyers in six disputed states have so far been unsuccessful. Biden will be sworn in as the new US president on January 20.

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