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Trump camp suffers Supreme Court defeat | Free press

Washington (AP) – Donald Trump’s camp suffered another defeat in the legal battle against the lost US presidential election – this time before the country’s Supreme Court.

The Supreme Court in Washington on Tuesday evening (local time) turned down a request for an injunction by Republican Trump and his supporters seeking to reverse Democrat Joe Biden’s victory in Pennsylvania, USA. In the brief ruling, the court did not comment on the reasons. There were also no dissenting votes from the nine judges.

Trump has been claiming since the November 3 election that massive fraud stole his victory. So far, neither he nor his lawyers have been able to provide convincing evidence. Dozens of cases have since been dismissed in various states. Attorney General William Barr also said last week that he had no evidence of fraud to the extent that it would change the outcome.

Pennsylvania had already confirmed the election results on November 23. The applicants wanted to have the certification withdrawn. State attorneys had warned the Supreme Court of such a “dramatic” move. They argued, “No court has ever issued an order invalidating the governor’s confirmation of presidential election results.”

Trump’s lawyers insisted on Tuesday, ahead of the Supreme Court’s decision, that they would continue their legal battle. In a statement, it said the truly crucial dates would not be in Congress until January 6 – then the end result will be read in Parliament in Washington – and with the president’s inauguration on January 20.

A new lawsuit was also filed from the Trump camp before the Supreme Court in Washington. Texas State Attorney General Ken Paxton sued the charges released Tuesday for the invalidation of election results in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan and Wisconsin. There Biden Trump triumphed, the results have already been certified in these states. It is uncertain whether the Washington Supreme Court will accept the lawsuit.

Paxton gave the reason that the constitution had been violated in the four states – partly because voters were not treated equally and there were irregularities. The US president is not directly elected by the people, but by 538 voters who usually vote based on the outcome in their respective states. 270 votes are required for victory. According to preliminary results, Biden put 306 voters behind him in the election, Trump 232. Voters in the respective states are scheduled to vote on December 14.

In Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan and Wisconsin, there are a total of 62 electoral votes – and the lawsuit is ultimately about hiring Biden. Paxton wants voters in these states to be either appointed by local parliaments or not appointed at all. In addition to the lawsuit, the Texan filed a motion for an order in the Supreme Court to immediately end all activities involving the electorate in the four states. Paxton follows the sometimes adventurous reasoning of previous lawsuits: It is said that the odds of Biden’s election victory in the four states are 1 in 1,000,000,000,000,000.

Even before the election, Trump had made it a point to quickly fill a vacant Supreme Court seat with conservative attorney Amy Coney Barrett – referring to a possible dispute over the election outcome. The Conservatives now dominate the court with a majority of six to three votes. However, the Trump camp’s previous lawsuits were equally dismissed by judges, regardless of whether they were nominated by Democratic or Republican presidents.

Those responsible in the affected states dealt harshly with the lawsuit. Paxton’s counterpart to Wiscosin, Josh Kaul, spoke on Twitter about a “really embarrassing lawsuit.” Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel pointed out that the lawsuit’s arguments had already been rejected by several courts. So this is just a «PR joke».

Trump himself used a White House ‘vaccine summit’ to reiterate his claims about mass electoral fraud. Hopefully the next administration will be a Trump administration. Because you can’t steal hundreds of thousands of votes, ” Trump said.


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