Triple Maguu Kenki, ASIMON, and more monsters

Genshin Impression leakers on December 21, 2022 supplied quite a lot of info concerning the model new Spiral Abyss that’s set to be launched alongside replace 3.4. This shall be an replace when Lantern Ceremony drops into the sport, which signifies that a few of the enemies within the Spiral Abyss will cater to the banners.

In any case, the enemy lineup that’s set to function in Ground 12 of the Spiral Abyss alongside Genshin Impression replace 3.4 has been mentioned briefly on this article. It appears that evidently gamers will see the return of each the ASIMON in addition to Triple Maguu Kenki. It is very important keep in mind that these are nonetheless leaks, therefore the knowledge remains to be topic to alter.

3.3.52 Beta Update Next Spiral Abyss line up (for Ver. 3.4) for Floor 12.Enemy line up, Wave Spawns, and HP.New enemies: Scorpion, Vulture, Eremite hotties.Floor 11 stays the same.subject to change.

Nevertheless, the leaks seem like from a dependable supply, and gamers can begin getting ready their characters for the leaked Spiral Abyss lineup.


Full particulars concerning Genshin Impression Spiral Abyss 3.4 enemy lineup

The Spiral Abyss is taken into account to be the true end-game content material in Genshin Impression. There are a number of flooring within the Spiral Abyss, every of which is split into two halves and three sections.

There are a complete of 12 Spiral Abyss flooring, out of which Ground 1 to Ground 8 can solely be accomplished as soon as. Flooring 9 to 12 reset each two weeks, with rising problem as gamers progress via every part.

Ground 12 often has essentially the most difficult enemies. The enemies on the ground have very excessive well being bars and might solely be tackled by gamers who’ve invested within the sport for a very long time.

This seems to be the case for replace 3.4 as effectively, as leaks declare that some actually tough enemies shall be launched to Ground 12. In any case, it is now time to look into the lineup.

Genshin Impression replace 3.4 Spiral Abyss Ground 12 leaked lineup

Ground 12, Chamber 1, First Half

  • Wave 1: Damage Guard-485605 HP
  • Wave 2: Damage Grader- 795002 HP
  • Wave 3: Damage Guard- 485605 HP
  • Wave 4: Damage Drake Earth Guard- 624349 HP

Ground 12, Chamber 1, Second Half

  • Wave 1: Pyro Whopperflower-208116 HP
  • Wave 1: Cryo Whopperflower-208116 HP
  • Wave 1: Electro Whopperflower- 208116 HP
  • Wave 2: Pyro Abyss Mage- 138744 HP
  • Wave 2: Cryo Abyss Mage- 138744 HP
  • Wave 2: Electro Abyss Mage- 138744 HP
  • Wave 3: Eremite Desert Clearwater- 408858 HP
  • Wave 3: Eremite Sunfrost- 408858 HP
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Ground 12, Chamber 2, First Half

  • Wave 1: Nobushi Jintouban (2)- 257503 HP
  • Wave 1: Kairagi Dancing Thunder (1)- 618007 HP
  • Wave 2: Tempest Blessbone Scorpion (1)- 901260 HP
  • Wave 2: Conflagration Blessbone Purple Vulture (1)- 901260 HP

Ground 12, Chamber 2, Second Half

  • Maguu Kenki Galloping Frost (1)- 981063 HP
  • Maguu Kenki Lone Gale (1)- 981063 HP
  • Maguu Kenki Masks of Terror (1)- 981063 HP

Ground 12, Chamber 3, First Half

  • Algorithm of Semi Intransient Matrix of Overseer Community (ASIMON)- 2218401 HP

Ground 12, Chamber 3, Second Half

  • Wave 1: Eremite Desert Clearwater- 499140 HP
  • Wave 1: Eremite Sunfrost- 499140 HP
  • Wave 1: Eremite Daythunder- 554600 HP
  • Wave 2: Eremite Scorching Loremaster- 610060 HP
  • Wave 2: Eremite Galehunter- 610060 HP
  • Wave 2: Eremite Floral Ringdancer- 610060 HP

It is secure to say that Genshin Impression gamers will want some top-tier models in the event that they wish to clear the Spiral Abyss in replace 3.4. This iteration of the Spiral Abyss seems to favor Alhaitham, who is about to seem in replace 3.4.

Other than him, the doubtless leaked rerun models, particularly Xiao, Yelan, and Hu Tao, will even carry out effectively within the upcoming Spiral Abyss.

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