“Triage in psychiatric clinics”: paediatricians call for schools to open | Free press


Pediatricians speak of political neglect of children during the pandemic. They are pushing for the opening of nurseries and schools.

Berlin (dpa) – Pediatricians are calling on schools and daycare centers to open quickly.

«Open schools, open day-care centers – naturally in accordance with the applicable guidelines and with appropriate tests. Now is the time to turn things around, ”said the chairman of the German Association for Pediatrics and Youth Medicine (DGKJ), Jörg Dötsch, of the“ Rheinische Post ”.

“We see an urgent need that people who cannot yet be vaccinated have no disadvantages. It is imperative, even if adolescents in the upper grades can be vaccinated, for children of primary school age, as well as in the middle grades, to return to normal social life so that they can develop normally. “

The professional association of paediatricians (BVKJ) sharply criticized the political neglect of children and young people during the pandemic. “Children and young people were massively neglected from the start during the pandemic. In the first phase, the general restrictions, such as closures of schools and childcare, were still understandable. But in the meantime we have learned that children carry the infection much less and become ill less quickly than adults ”, says BVKJ spokesperson Jakob Maske of the“ Rheinische Post ”. “There are psychiatric illnesses on a scale that we have never seen before. The child and adolescent psychiatric clinics are full and triage is taking place. Anyone who is not at risk of suicide and has “only” depression is no longer accepted at all. “

Federal Education Minister Anja Karliczek (CDU) also called on the federal and state governments to make more efforts in favor of the students. “In my opinion, the situation of the young generation is still far too little at the center of the discussion,” she said of the “Bild”. That doesn’t do justice to the concerns that “we should be concerned about”. Failure of in-person lessons led to significant learning delays.

The German Teachers Association considers a return to full face-to-face education from an incidence of 50 as recommended. “We already have a few districts above 165 incidence, which is crucial for pure distance learning,” said President Heinz-Peter Meidinger of the paper. Below 100 incidence, countries could require full face-to-face education. “However, we believe that with full face-to-face education without distance control, the recommendation of the RKI (incidence 50) should be followed as long as many teachers and almost all children have not yet been vaccinated. For the next school year, Meidinger was “fairly optimistic that school operations will be significantly more normal and incidence will remain low as vaccinations progress.”

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