Trade union group leader Brinkhaus: “The vaccinated are angry” | free press


Berlin (dpa) – Union group leader Ralph Brinkhaus calls for a change of perspective on vaccinated and unvaccinated people. “There is too much talk about the alleged indirect mandatory vaccination and too little about the rights of those who have been vaccinated,” Brinkhaus told “Welt am Sonntag”.

“What I’m currently experiencing is that the vaccinated are angry with the unvaccinated. The vaccinated people made appointments, went out and accepted that sometimes they weren’t doing so well the day after the vaccination. And they are now experiencing that they still do not fully regain their freedoms.” Therefore, finally, the question must be asked to what extent the unvaccinated has limited the life of the vaccinated.

Brinkhaus assumes that hoteliers, clubs and event organizers will only allow vaccinated people in their homes in the future. “I’m part of the Warning team, but we can’t subordinate our lives to Covid for the next 30 years. We need to get back to normal soon, not years from now. There remains a residual risk, but we will have to deal with that.”

Habeck wants to hold free tests

Green leader Robert Habeck calls on those who have not yet been vaccinated to vaccinate with clear words. At the same time, he advocates that corona tests remain free. “This is the wrong measure to motivate people to vaccinate,” Habeck said in the ZDF summer interview on Sunday.

“The better measure is this: to give your weaker self a hard kick in the butt, so to overcome this sluggishness, which probably still has a lot of people, by simply saying: come on, here’s You can just go there, you get the vaccination card and a syringe in your arm and you’re done.”

It’s not about “excluding unvaccinated people,” Habeck said: It’s about returning basic rights and a free life to those who have been vaccinated. “There will be a difference in access to rights and freedom of life between the vaccinated and the unvaccinated. Namely, as long as society and the health system can support the vaccinated, they will have more rights.”

You have the right not to be vaccinated. “But you don’t have the right that everyone who has been vaccinated and the rest of society and the children have to take it into account because you have decided to put your own life and society at risk,” Habeck said.

Laschet: 3-G rule «sensible, moderate and doable»

Most recently, the Prime Minister of North Rhine-Westphalia, Armin Laschet, made it clear that he rejects discrimination against unvaccinated people if they can show a negative corona test.

“The state should not exclude anyone who has been vaccinated, recovered or tested from participating in social life,” the CDU/CSU candidate for chancellor said before the next federal and state “Bild am Sonntag” meeting. The so-called 3-G rule is said to be “sensible, moderate and doable”.