Top Hitek’s Best Comments (July 2021)

As every month, we invite you to discover a selection of the best comments on our Facebook Hitek page. July was an especially good month, in fact you were more inventive and fun than ever. So without further ado, here are the 43 best comments that were listed on our site in July 2021, comments that were liked en masse, but also gave us a smile!

1) we are accused …

2) the best grannies in the world

3) good technique

4) Boudu-Boudu

5) We understand that all the pleasure is ours!

6) the resemblance is disturbing

7) offered by my grandmother …

8) Thibaut politely return

9) in a parallel world …

10) Glory to Gollum

11) Tom Hiddleston, you have been warned

12) a troll we like him

13) the change will be drastic

14) big thought of him

15) a new concept

16) Generally this is where the controller breaks

17) one of the best episodes

18) a little onion pun

19) the joke we never tire of

20) a very pretty pygmy goat

21) cha made us laugh

22) misunderstood geniuses

23) incredible!

24) a sweater with a deadpull

25) a salty collision

26) Pharell Williams is a vampire?

27) Hermione is above everyone and everything

28) Sorry, we’re going to say two words about Nintendo

29) very big racket in this case

30) It’s not wrong!

31) we hope too …

32) Prevention is Better than Cure

33) that was mr pun

34) Corsican wild boars, we’re talking to you

35) Let’s say he might get it wrong

36) a bit of air …

37) cinematic links

38) thanos will be there

39) the question is answered quickly

40) we’ve all been through this

41) The worst anecdote ever about the SNCF

42) ever crazier conspiracy theories

43) Beautiful country

And if you want more, we recommend checking out our selection from last month, which also contains beautiful pearls!

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