Top Hitek’s Best Comments (August 2021)

As every month, we invite you to discover a selection of the best comments on our Facebook Hitek page. The month of August was very good in terms of the comments: they haven’t been idle to make us laugh, to say the least. So without further ado, here are the 43 best comments that were listed on our site in August 2021, little nuggets that were liked en masse, but also gave us a smile!

1) a film that is banned under the age of 18?

2) my … mom?

3) lucky enough to live in a row

4) the reputation of micromania is well established

5) Michael Keaton is Julien’s leper

6) We agree in retrospect …

7) very creepy buildings indeed …

8) Wealth is not everything …

9) it is validated

10) you are a bad tongue …

11) seen well, we didn’t expect that

12) the beautiful reference

13) a sweet little clash

14) the famous beetle of 2000 (and the end of the world)

15) To hear the truth

16) we would not have dared

17) The legend doesn’t need a liner

18) the best for us too

19) Mbalpatin

20) it would be exhausting, with force

21) very funny the chapter indeed

22) we are happy

23) towards paradise

24) the photo is a little less

25) hard hit

26) a nice testimonial

27) Bunch of little rascals

28) a viking, but a clean viking

29) Kaamelott fans are full of surprises

30) The debate is on

31) “Turn around people, someone is watching us”

32) a good way to cut

33) We apologize for this unspeakable mistake

34) it’s not wrong

35) Romance in the Rough

36) a fortune teller

37) for Koh Lanta, the French Revolution 2.0

38) Do you smell that nice smell of sarcasm?

39) Geniuses of Evil

40) unbeatable

41) and a bit of deluxe creamy sauce dripping from our fingers

42) a very good theory

43) Amen

And if you liked this small selection, do not hesitate to consult the selection of the best comments for the month of July 2021.

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