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Top Best Hitek Reviews (January 2022)

January has just come to an end and as always it’s time to take stock of the best comments you’ve left on Hitek posts. 20 nuggets selected for you, which should only relax you in everyday work or school life. As every month, you showed a lot of humor, to our great delight. We let you discover and hope that you will have just as much fun in February.

#1 It’s crazy!

#2 the good old days of the 56K modem

#3 so much

#4 Rocco President!

#5 in attack

#6 perverted

#7 A tube remains engraved for life

#8 Where do we sign?

#9 you are the best agathe

#10 Oh the tackle to the beautiful mom

#11 You chose your side

#12 shut your door tight tonight

#13 RIP TWO personal PCs

#14 must consult

#15 this is life

#16 the absolute reference

#17 Only 6 months?

#18 Bob’s magic

#19 you weren’t coerced

#20 we all made it

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