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Top Best Geek Trolls Comments (July 2021)

Every month, internet users who follow our Geek Trolls Facebook page give us some warm comments and hilarious responses. We therefore invite you to come back to the best reactions we have seen to our articles and memes for the month of July 2021. Whether you’re sunbathing on the fine sandy beach or using public transport, you might like it!

1) Robert Pattinson had better watch out

2) parallel universe? No…

3) the hard law of gamblers

4) a little too cute all of this

5) if a sound panics you a little too much …

6) OK Master, I understand you, but I didn’t think of that

7) So adult cartoons?

8) Young people, stop that, okay?

9) recorded at our own game …

10) if you also sing in the shower …

11) New conspiracy theories are really great

12) a series of fun word games

13) a note that we took into account

14) a troll we like him

15) a smooth sound: EASY!

16) it’s serious anyway

17) Legends vs. Superheroes

18) we already have pain for her

19) There are two types of fathers

20) we will have warned you …

21) there is actually a minor thing

22) there is also a little thing

23) a guy who makes his girlfriend’s dreams come true, is he still a good guy?

24) that rogue spirit

25) tomato grime

26) a group of which we are the first fans

27) a very naughty internet user

28) double standards?

29) French pigeons are not a match

30) do we continue?

31) See you guys fall asleep after 3 minutes of film

32) We are proud

33) the only one, the best

And if you want more, feel free to check out our previous tips for the best comments from the Geek Troll page!


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