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Top Best Geek Trolls Comments (August 2021)

As usual, we invite you to come back to the best comments we’ve read on our Geek Trolls Facebook page. If you’ve checked out our top memes from last month, let’s take a look at your 48 best comments as you literally got us hooked again. Something that will put a smile on your face during your school days.

1) a great mix

2) don’t bet on him to risk getting plucked

3) This is another part of the story …

4) finally everything always revolves around sauron

5) a mother we want to avoid

6) our dreams are less fun …

7) and you tap, tap, tap, it’s your way of loving

8) some have a special taste

9) When your friend tries to calm you down

10) the little rascals

11) Is this measure also necessary for you?

12) a point for the mammoth

13) Life is anything but a long, calm river

14) Lydia forever

15) a catchy excuse

16) Nudes everywhere, even if you don’t want to see them

17) Finally there are too many boys in green in this world

18) we want everything for this next Spider-Man, everything

19) we’re saying nonsense anyway

20) at least we didn’t opt ​​for a Darwin Award

21) Groscaillou, the boss?

22) the three musketeers

23) my che bella

24) You are sadists

25) a fad, really?

26) baby shark dodododododo, baby shark dododododod, baby shaaaaaaark

27) Lightsaber prohibited under eighteen

28) Just thinking about it makes you feel bad

29) Swimming lessons are open to all ages

30) Do you feel tired right now?

31) a very (very) nice reference

32) Bad boys, bad boys, what are you going to do?

33) still a drastic solution

34) Nudes come after Spider-Man

35) especially if it’s done well

36) We could be the source of a small typo …

37) We can understand

38) In every occupation there are untouchables

39) We can only applaud

40) so let’s go

41) the public construction companies are already on site

42) Are you a connoisseur?

43) the best answer ever

44) French films, those very special films

45) he has no Thor

46) great memories

47) Peace to Her Soul

48) the peasants, these sacrifices

And if you want to continue your swing, don’t hesitate to find our pick from last month!


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