Top Attorneys in Hollywood to Know About

Hollywood is a place where many aspiring stars go to achieve their dreams. The problem is that, as a public person, legal issues are bound to happen at some point. Whether someone’s copyright was violated or another person tried to defame a star, lawyers are there to help those in the Hollywood industry. Here are the most popular lawyers that rocked the world of Hollywood with their legal skills.

  1. Karl Austen

Getting his degree from the Harvard Law School, Karl Austen has one of Hollywood’s most enviable client lists. He covers Entertainment and sports and, as an attorney, he has multiple accomplishments. Austen was also selected for Hollywood’s Power Lawyers ranking from 2020 to 2022.

  1. Theodore Boutrous Jr.

Theodore Boutrous Jr. is a Hollywood attorney who advocates for free speech and takes cases from entertainment and political industries alike. One notable accomplishment as a lawyer is when he represented the New York Times, successfully fending off former President Donald Trump’s team in handing over email records. 

  1. Camille Vasquez

Camille Vasquez has been recognized as a top lawyer for a very long time, but her popularity only began skyrocketing when she began representing Johnny Depp in his trial against Amber Heard. 

The defamation trial between the two Hollywood celebrities was tough, but no one was really surprised when she and her team gained the victory for Johnny. Vasquez represented several Hollywood stars before that as well, and she made a reputation for being a “feisty lawyer” that is not afraid to step into action.

  1. Alan Epstein

Ever since he saw the premiere of Pretty Woman in 1990, Alan Epstein fell in love with the law of entertainment and everything it represented. When he graduated from UCLA law school, he didn’t precisely know where he wanted to go. 

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That moment made him decide that Hollywood was his place. As a lawyer, he represented several celebrities, including Ryan Reynolds, as part of his legal marketing department.

  1. Lee Brenner

Lee Brenner from Venable’s Entertainment & Media Litigation Group is a commercial litigation attorney that has taken on a variety of famous cases in Hollywood, including from A-list celebrities such as Hydra, Showtime, ViacomCBS, and Fox Digital Entertainment. 

Aside from being a high-stakes litigator attorney in business, he is also a trial attorney. He is highly recognized among his peers as a leader, and he is also famous in Hollywood for the fact that he provides pro-bono work. 

  1. Andrew Brettler

Andrew Brettler has defended a lot of high-profile clients throughout his lifetime, such as Danny Masterson and Chris D’Elia. He also received quite a bit of scrutiny in the case where he represented Prince Andrew. 

That being said, he was so popular for his skills that even Chris North of Sex and the City hired him. He likes to joke that if he weren’t a lawyer, he’d be a therapist – mainly because most of the time with his clients is spent doing exactly that.

  1. Mathew Rosengart

Formerly a federal prosecutor and currently a showbiz litigator, Mathew Rosengart made quite a few headlines. He is very popular for the fact that he represented Britney Spears throughout her conservatorship dispute, freeing her from a 13-year arrangement that prevented the star from taking her own financial decisions. 

Rosengart also represented several big names in showbiz entertainment such as Keanu Reeves, Stephen Spielberg, and Sean Penn. He is an honoree at the 2022 Power of Law by Variety, where he spoke about fundamental and civic rights, giving Britney’s example. He also serves for the Community Organized Relief Effort (CORE) as a General Counsel, his aid being pro-bono. 

  1. Stanton “Larry” Stein
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Stanton “Larry” Stein is one of the very few attorneys to be given the name “legal legend” in the Hollywood Reporter. Stein is also known as Drake’s lawyer, as he helped the star in his $4 million lawsuit

As the leader of Russ August & Kabat’s Media & Entertainment Group, Stein has taken numerous clients in Hollywood, his client pool including writers, actors, producers, directors, musicians, and many more. 

The Bottom Line

Some of these lawyers have been in the industry for a while and managed to build a reputation as veterans. Others are still fairly new in this world, but their fresh perspective and daring attitude are often the skills that brought victory. What’s most important is that every star should be very careful about who they choose to represent them, as it may very well cost them their career.

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