Top 7 little known series to watch urgently

Like any company, Netflix has its flagship products. Certain series will therefore benefit from more publicity and stand out more to the detriment of other equally high-quality programs which, however, go unnoticed by the public. Here is a list of little-known series that are desperate to see on the platform.

Suburra (2017)

The predecessor of the 2015 film Suburra, this Italian series lives in Rome and its suburbs, where the Mafia is rampant. When Ostia, a coastal town near the Italian capital, becomes a gamer’s paradise, corruption, rivalries and conspiracies are the keywords that will rule his daily life.

Prisoner (2017)

A true historical thriller, this miniseries revolves around the character of Grace Marks, a young Irish immigrant in Canada who became a domestic servant and was charged with the murders of her employers Thomas Kinnear and Nancy Montgomery in 1843. Sentenced to Life Imprisonment or Solitude Lead her now, she will have an encounter that could change her fate.

The School Nurse’s Files (2020)

This crazy South Korean series is set in a high school where a nurse turns out to have strange skills. She can see the ghosts that only she can see. By wielding her shining “sword”, she defends students against this invisible evil that plagues the establishment.

Biohacker (2020)

In this German series, you dive into the underground of the underground laboratories through the eyes of Mia, a medical student trying to solve a family tragedy.

The Frankenstein Chronicles (2015)

You will embark in the heart of 19th century London where you will follow Inspector John Marlott, played by Sean Bean (Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, Troy) in charge of investigating the death of a child. What appeared to be a simple police investigation will turn out to be a series of atrocities to John Marlott.

Duchess (2020)

A comedy that records the eccentricity of a 30-year-old mother whose dream is to have a second child. She therefore turns to her ex-husband, Olive’s father, who lives on board a barge outside the company, for help.

The last word (2020)

Germany in the spotlight again. While her husband died of a ruptured aneurysm, Karla Fazius refuses to be defeated. She then decides to completely change her life with a new job, to put it mildly: Amazing: speaker at the funeral.

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