Top 5 best French animation series

You will have noticed that at Hitek we love Japanese cartoons. The proof is that we talk about it a lot. But we’re also very interested in French animation series, especially if they are inspired by Japanese animation. Here are five examples!

1 # Last man

Lastman is the most popular French anime right now, largely because it aired on Netflix. The series is based on the comic of the same name, which is a prequel. Another season called Lastman, Shockwave, is slated for 2021. The plot tells the story of Richard, an amateur boxer in a city plagued by violence and corruption.

2 # code Lyoko

“We will go, we will know, save our existence …” Now you will think about it all day. Code Lyoko is a childhood staple and – of course – there was no Code Lyoko manga, but dare you tell me the series is not inspired by Japanese animation! Whether it’s the names, the voices, the character design, or even the plot! Code Lyoko simply wouldn’t exist without the wave of Japanese culture from the already arrived Dorothée Club.

3 # Wakfu

You don’t need to get acquainted with Wakfu, the heir to what has long been the best (and only) French MMORPG, and you may have spent all of your time creating “no noob no scam” kamas. The Wakfu series was released in 2008 and has nothing to envy other Japanese Shonen adaptations of the adventure. We can only advise you!

4 # Radiant

Yes, Radiant, we had to talk about Radiant, everyone is talking about Radiant, because Radiant is quite simply the first Manfra to be officially adapted as an anime in Japan, and that’s the ultimate dedication to what any French comic book writer would like to do. Radiant tells the story of Seth, who tries to find the origin of the birth of evil in his world: the radiant. It’s good, it’s fresh, and most importantly, “not bad, it’s French”. So many good reasons not to miss it.

5 # The mysterious cities of gold

We talked the rest of the article about the last anime, so we might as well end up with a bit of nostalgia, right? Because the French inspiration for manga goes back several years. If you ever want to dive into the intrigue of Esteban, Zia, and Tao, you know that there is a continuation of their plot and that it is … excellent! Other cities made of gold are hidden in the world, we always travel through the great condor and meet many new populations. Sure, do it. Especially since this is a Franco-Japanese collaboration!

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