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Top 30 tweets about the release of the last season (no spoiler)

The release of the first episode of the last season of Attack on Titan (or Shingeki no Kyojin in Japan, often abbreviated as SNK) caused a buzz on social media. We invite you to come back to that memorable evening when the Wakanim servers struggled to cope with the surge in internet users. Between hype and disappointment, to see the servers let go, between surprise and humor, here are the top 30 tweets for the release of the first episode of the last season of Attack on Titan. One thing is certain: you were particularly impressed!

There’s no spoil in these top tweets regarding this first episode, rest assured.

# 1 Wakanim, who knew the battle was over

Our servers in one hour: pic.twitter.com/d1S6JdPmKK

December 6, 2020

# 2 We’re still young, everything is fine

Age Test: If when you experience SNK you think of the Neogeo / Deadly Fury first instead of the attack on the Titans.

4th December 2020

# 3 Ah, not everyone

But who is Snk ????

5th December 2020

# 4 when you hear that music

The big day has come! Today the s4 of Attack on Titan starts !! #AttackonTitanFinalSeason pic.twitter.com/R96fpsQLtB

5th December 2020

# 5 we want to shine something!

A Chara design that shows us that Eren Glow up is not the only one with #attaquedestitans #AttackonTitanFinalSeason #jeankirschtein pic.twitter.com/owJ971nlvu

December 6, 2020

# 6 Strike for French players

Attack on Titan at 6:34 p.m. “

Wakanim: pic.twitter.com/5kDeGVZ096

December 6, 2020

# 7 Hard hit for hard drive

The aftermath of the attack on Titans was blocked on Wakanim’s hard drive: pic.twitter.com/qRXsDVm6pG

December 6, 2020

# 8 if you are concerned about Wakanim’s future resources

Wakanim I hope they have other sources of income planned when Attack on Titan ends

November 30, 2020

# 9 when you have a right to be concerned about Wakanim’s future resources

Wakanime if they email me to resume my subscription after the fourth season of the attack on the titans ends pic.twitter.com/IkGqx50vyN

4th December 2020

# 10 when Christmas is ahead of time …

Come on let’s wake up, it’s Attack on Titan today !! pic.twitter.com/dCca8nMJN9

December 6, 2020

# 11 … but you have to wait a bit before receiving your gift

SNK fans when they saw Wakanim crash: pic.twitter.com/sfBvfx0aWX

December 6, 2020

# 12 money money

Wakanim after amassing all the money from new VIP subscribers: pic.twitter.com/4TJ556nNOl

December 6, 2020

# 13 when Terracid wants to be hip

(I’ve never seen an animated one in my life and I’ve been on google to see what “SnK” is.) Https://t.co/fymlBDH0XC

December 6, 2020

# 14 Enthusiasm grew over time

SNK fans SNK fans
in 2018 in 2020 pic.twitter.com/WuwR9mQ0ru

December 6, 2020

# 15 Finally in France we’re not feeling bad

Cant wait to see the new Snk season in 144p on Spanish streaming sites. My country has not yet discovered the animated pic.twitter.com/hdddbR7C4d

December 6, 2020

# 16 It’s never too late to spot a nugget, dear friend!

The whole planet is hyped up by SNK, I feel like I’m missing out on something crazy, I’m down

December 6, 2020

# 17 we’re not talking about the Mali resident people, we’re talking well thought out

There is a person he thinks is “snk”, which means “soninké”.

December 6, 2020

# 18 when you transform into a living movie theater

I cry for her grandmother as I’m the only one of my friends who can see the SNK episode. Well, I’m sharing the screens with those who haven’t seen them yet

This is the third time I’ve watched the episode. I officially became a cinema. It’s killing me. Pic.twitter.com/oHoC5QfrPy

December 6, 2020

# 19 when Japan produces the best ad ever

Attack on Titan x Snickers, the best collaboration you will see today. #TweetDeNnight

Thank you Japan! pic.twitter.com/L1Kmc4mXiw

1st December 2020

# 21 They don’t know what they’re missing

On the other hand, those who are not into Snk and Wakanim must go crazy with the tweets

December 6, 2020

# 22 he’s right, he’s the boss

The boss of Wakanim, whom he looks at Snk all by himself, is dead

December 6, 2020

# 23 When do we go?

Attack on Titan in an amusement park in Japan #AttackonTitanFinalSeason pic.twitter.com/nBPx7qhN19

December 6, 2020

# 24 we can understand the need

I just wanted to see Eren’s face, I’ve been with him since 6:34 p.m. #AOTFR WHUUUUAANNNNNNN pic.twitter.com/FG5k0iMg9t

December 6, 2020

# 25 we validate the Game of Thrones atmosphere?

The hype of the SNK season 4 is unbelievable, there are too many people who have caught everything at the last moment to experience it live, there was a little “Game of Thrones” mood missing

5th December 2020

# 26 beware, my goat!

Those who are still awake at this time are likely the ones who don’t care about tomorrow’s episode of SNK. Tell me why you don’t like this manga. I’ll see you all in the debate until my colleagues wake up who are going to take over

December 6, 2020

# 27 when you’re too busy

Tonight at 6:34 p.m. don’t tell me about the attack on the titans’ young people. Fans of Japan. I have a busy schedule. Pic.twitter.com/lByvB6ZYKh

December 6, 2020

# 28 when you can’t wait anymore

Wakanim who bowed specifically for the fourth season of SNK pic.twitter.com/3HJlCWASMm during my subscription

December 6, 2020

# 29 We love being 20/20

Me after watching 20 seconds of the first episode of the fourth season of SNK: pic.twitter.com/BKebOJzOOq

December 6, 2020

# 30 two camps stand out

Anime reader
Only from SNK from the manga
At 6:34 p.m. to 6:34 p.m. pic.twitter.com/2jXdt8wqe5

December 6, 2020


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