Top 20 tweets #WeLearn, tweets making fun of conspiratorial ideas


The documentary Hold-Up has been a hot topic for the past few days. The film, which is supposed to be documentary, succeeded in focusing on denouncing a “stunt” involving the COVID-19 crisis. In fact, it would have been viewed on the internet at least more than two million times.

#noussachons when Twitter lets go of the conspirators

To mock conspiracy theories and the conspirators themselves, the hashtag #WeLearn (popularized thanks to the ‘Easy Conspiracies’ account) and other similar hashtags have seen a resurgence on Twitter. We invite you to discover the 20 funniest tweets about current conspiracy theories. In fact, COVID-19 isn’t the only center of interest from conspirators who also like the subject of 5G and nanoparticles. We let you discover this anthology of tweets:


I’m disappointed to have been exposed too, but at the same time happy what the hell we pissed off working without patients.
Many thanks to you Brigitte, knowledge is powerful in you. #We know

November 14, 2020

# 2 a story that holds water

It’s as simple as anything here # WeKnow

November 13, 2020

# 3 keep your eyes open

I just watched the satirical #holdup mockumentary and wanted to thank the writers for paying homage to my work over the years. Well done to the actors and whoever wrote the script, I love that kind of humor! Knowledge will win! #OpenTheEyes #WeLearn

November 13, 2020

# 4 Adrien Nougaret at the helm

I was just stung by a wasp for the first time in my life. I believe it wasn’t a wasp but a nano-government drone to implant a covid chip that gives 5G.

Find out. #Vaccination #WeKnow

November 11, 2020

# 5 all this free time at the same time …

Ah well seen that in fact everything is empty and we do caches in the hostel, and even in sheaves it’s crazy that it plays cat’s tail, ahhhh the sheaf, what a great service #NousSachons #JeanMichelComplot https: // t .co / stvpXsgYzD

November 13, 2020

# 6 big brother in your gardens

Yesterday we talked to my friend about artificial turf AND AS POSSIBLE this morning it was in the mailbox this morning !!!!

Google is #WeKnow everywhere

(Special mention for the “Charnel n5”)

November 10, 2020

# 7 a complicated act

BigPharma’s real act is the leaflets that can’t be folded up and put back in the box properly and that nobody talks about! #WeLearn

November 15, 2020

# 8 What a cute nickname for this teacher

Professor Silly Conne from the research center “Instagram Influencer”, a graduate of reality television, has a message for the inhabitants of the planet with two moons #NousSachons

November 12, 2020

# 9 Oh wait

I totally disagree with @PinconCharlot.
And this test of intent that she does without evidence.
How can a scientist like you give in to the temptation to see what she believes in? #Ahmais #WeKnow #HoldUp

November 14, 2020

# 10 You have to question everything these days

I’m sure it’s a fake: Anyway, the earth is flat and the moon is just a heavenly lamppost moved by gnomes who are nothing.
We won’t do it to me! #WeKnow

November 12, 2020

# 11 one day plate, plate …

If you too believe everything is like #kimglow to know!
Subscribe to Know the Real Truth. # WeKnow #kimglowpresidente

November 12, 2020

# 12 The turnaround

The anti-Covid19 vaccine DESIGRATION campaign is a CONFLICT of the elites who want to keep the whole vaccine for them! Don’t be SHEEP and get vaccinated! #Holdup #BillGatesOnTaVuVenir #WeKnow

November 12, 2020

# 13 having the magazine at home

Enjoy reading, just truths! #WeKnow

November 11, 2020

# 14 the famous anti-emetics


November 14, 2020

# 15 2020 and 5g was expected

Everything is linked #WeKnow

November 11, 2020

# 16 The hyperloop is on your doorstep


November 12, 2020

# 17 Beware of pharmacists, too

Little detour in a pharmacy to see that 5G is everywhere, it’s scary #WeSaint

November 16, 2020

# 18 who should you trust? Really ?

Alarm starter. #WeKnow (source?)

17th November 2020

# 19 and let’s go!

Now do you understand why people are buying so much toilet paper during the lockdown? #WeKnow # ConfinementActe2 # confinement2

November 15, 2020

# 20 You must finally have conspiratorial friends in life

Nobody recommended that I check out #HoldUp among my contacts.

I don’t know yet whether to be happy about not hanging out with conspirators or worrying about being surrounded by hypocrites who aren’t telling me the truth about the pandemic. #We know

November 15, 2020