Top 20 tweets to announce the 2021 Baccalaureate under constant scrutiny

On November 5, 2020, Jean-Michel Blanquer, Minister for National Education, Youth and Sport, announced that the joint first and final assessment tests provided for in the new high school diploma formula that has come into effect will be in favor of the ongoing pandemic due to the ongoing pandemic a continuous monitoring canceled. The final exams for specialist teaching planned for next March will be retained, but their modalities will be adapted to the health crisis. After this announcement and graduation in 2020, many internet users were interested in responding to social networks and especially Twitter. We let you discover some of the most beautiful pearls of Twittos:

# 1 So good!

# bac2021 When I see everyone say E3C is in continuous control

5th November 2020

# 2 An ad that doesn’t appeal to everyone …

All premieres in France: Youpii no evidence

Me: .. # LesE3C # Bac2021

5th November 2020

# 3 year of the lucky ones

In 2003 we screwed everything up, we won’t have the French Bac nor the general Bac # Bac2021

5th November 2020

# 4 Chhtt, don’t say anything

The 2002 – 2003 what are they?
The others didn’t say anything # Bac2021

5th November 2020

# 5 We need to look at the next few checks …

My degree of fraud at every check after the test was canceled # Bac2021

5th November 2020

# 6 How to celebrate a small wish

Blanquer: The E3C and 2020-2021 Bac will be canceled

The 2003 and 2004:

5th November 2020

# 7 When do we have a new rule?

National education every two months # Bac2021

November 6, 2020

# 8 There are still some who like it

when I heard E3C was canceled # Bac2021

5th November 2020

# 9 and that imposed

All 2003 they are like that # Bac2021

5th November 2020

# 10 covid-19 likes to blow up

u25a1 close high schools
u2611ufe0e are canceling all E3C, French Bac and Enhanced Health Protocols which consists of opening the windows for the Covid to escape

5th November 2020

# 11 Don’t watch this video

* E3C canceled, 40% of the Bac in continuous control * -Me:

5th November 2020

# 12 we think of the absent

Cccccc, continuous control? Are you sure? #Bank #Controlecontinue # Bac2021

5th November 2020

# 13 pump it up

Blanquer: The E3C are canceled # Bac2021

The 2003-2004:

5th November 2020

# 14 like a feeling of déjà vu …

The 2002/2003/2004 when they tell how they got their Bac # Bac2021

5th November 2020

# 15 very well prepared

Nobody :
The 2003s who had already started cheating on # Bac2021

5th November 2020

# 16 A legendary reunion

In 2003 they will enter the university as follows: # Bac2021

5th November 2020

# 17 Dance of Joy

Blanquer: “The E3Cs have canceled” The first and last ones currently: # Bac2021 #Blanquer

5th November 2020

# 18 Don’t call me!


Bac 2021: # Bac2021

5th November 2020

# 19 we think of those who don’t have the average

Blanquer: # LesE3C and # Bac2021 are continuously checked


5th November 2020

# 20 damn good forecasters

Everyone who has bet on containment and the health crisis to have the Bac under constant control:

5th November 2020

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