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Top 15 Tweets of the Week # 342

Happy New Year everyone and welcome to the first top tweets of the week of the year. We hope you had a good end to the year and hope that your return to work will not be too difficult. With this 342nd edition of our weekly top tweets, we offer you a moment of relaxation. Like every week, our community managers kept an eye on social networks to select tweets that tagged the last 7 days. This 342nd selection applies to the week from December 27th to January 3rd, 2022.

# 1 As soon as you get up, he attacks

Omicron, who watches whether I drink my beer standing or sitting. pic.twitter.com/N7pSKBrIvM

December 27, 2021

# 2 that’s a good question

Ptdrrrrrr I’m in tears his mother how is the Super Pass Vaccinal 2G + is it a Bouygues Telecom pass or package? https://t.co/W2EZX8Hra3

December 27, 2021

# 3 How not to go to your exams in 2022

partly in 6 days and g tjr not revised pic.twitter.com/WlHKfMtKFt

December 28, 2021

# 4 it’s not wrong

The only real thing about Emily in Paris is the guy who comes to work on his bike and tells everyone about it.

December 29, 2021

# 5 She got the wrong Mac

My friend who I sent her to get me a McDonald’s, she came home 3 hours later empty-handed and said, “I slept with a guy, I have to tell you”
ok but my McDonald’s suddenly ??

December 29, 2021

# 6 a survivor

I have never been infected with COVID since the pandemic started, I feel like Daryl in the walking dead

December 31, 2021

# 7 We’re not in 2000 anymore

Happy New Year to all of you, many good things!
Those who think it’s a network error because you didn’t get a message at midnight I’m telling you it’s not a bug, just nobody likes you

December 31, 2021

# 8 Ready for anything for an internship

Yesterday a lab technician presented me with a PCR smear and forced it more than usual. It hurts this morning and I’m removing a ball of paper from the bottom of my nasal cavity. Over ? The résumé of Ludovic, who is applying for an internship at my start-up Smiloo. It’s a Giga JA Ludo until Monday

December 29, 2021

# 9 The Covid, still the Covid

May 2021: Health pass
January 2022: Vaccination certificate
March: Super pass
May: Avengers Endgame Pass

December 26, 2021

# 10 trauma

People dare to get mad after never stumbling upon a Chinese profile on Clash Royale

January 2, 2022

# 11 Another trauma


Absolutely nobody:

Chloe’s Review Sheets: pic.twitter.com/aLOCx4a9W7

December 29, 2021

# 12 A good idea!

Can we please keep the ban on food in the cinema for life?

December 27, 2021

# 13 Another great excuse

I’m in a group for a birthday that’s about 70th per person for the gift pic.twitter.com/hPKCICW6yI

December 27, 2021

# 14 It’s awesome

A shop called “La Maudite Somme” is all for € 6.66

December 29, 2021

# 15 The dumpling

My neighbor forgot the word “cat” in her note and didn’t read it again before pasting it into our hall pic.twitter.com/CfbETIeH13

December 29, 2021

So much for those new top tweets. We’ll meet again next week for a new selection. In the meantime, you can always discover or rediscover the 341st selection from the last week right here.


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